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A Note to My Fellow Evil Conspirators

One of the things that is totally different with BUGS is that we look for our ideas in OTHER BLOGS.

Everybody else looks fore the growth of their OWN audience, their OWN membership. I don’t think there is another group that does what we do: Look for the spread of our IDEAS. This is so unique that I only noticed it today.

Stop and think about this. Someday it is going to be absolutely impossible for people to think this just happened. It had to be planned.

It gives us a lesson in what drives people to think in terms of conspiracies. ONE lesson here is that people think of the other side as evil, and that they do not do things simply because they honestly feel that way. The reason we plant ideas without so much regard for our own expansion or recognition is obvious to US.

We are honestly only interested in what we have to say and planting our Mantra Thinking because we are actually only interested in the only thing nature is interested in, insuring that future generations look like us. This is absolutely impossible for others to believe.

But that is not the way those who oppose us think of us. We have an ulterior motive, so any success we are having cannot be because that is ALL we want. We did this successful thing because we had an Ulterior Motive. If you think that way, and that is the way people DO think, anything we do that turns out to be a success has some other motivation.

Some commenters have talked about how some of us might be successful in the future. Those will be looked upon as having gained their positions not because they simply have a way of thinking that made sense, but because they planned it that way.

No one wants to think we came up with something that was so obvious and they and their heroes were so busy doing the old thing that they sunk into oblivion because they were unoriginal and BORING. They will insist that their side was always right, not just mentally static.

If they look at us as we are, we deserve a lot of credit, but that is because realized they were ridiculous.

Damned few people are willing to admit in retrospect that they were just plain SILLY.

In order to avoid that conclusion they have to raise themselves and their own brilliance. In order to do that they have to raise US to the level of prophetic geniuses. That is why all Conspirators end up as all-powerful and superhuman. Whatever else you may say of the Learned Elders of Zion, you must admit it raises Jewish leaders to a level of all-seeing genius.

That is why I was so impressed by the fellow on Ventura’s show who said, “They’re smarter than we are.” He did not say it in an admiring way as conspiracy theorists or respectable conservatives do. He was simply saying that they were smarter than those who simply didn’t SEE it.

Respectable conservatives are that way. They cannot admit that conservatives have been a bunch of approval-starved morons. So they see leftists as the epitome of sophistication who are EVEN SMARTER than that Great Sophisticate William Buckley.

Conspiracy theorists will not admit that they are saps, but they also cannot give the other side credit for sincerely believing in what they say. So they explain it all not only by the Power and Genius of the other side, but also by their Evil: “We’re not dumb. We just lost because we’re Good and True and therefore Trustful.”

So they cannot learn from their mistakes. Their only weakness comes from their devotion to Good.

No one who thinks that way can ever learn simple basics.