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Does “Non-Racist” Mean Non-Anything Else?

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white. Conservatives insist they are anti-racist, but everything they get paid to bitch about is a direct result of that anti-white program.

The most basic drive is not money and it is not power and it is not being a Tough Guy from World Wart II. Every drunk will shout to you that money is everything. I have listened to people tell me for fifty years that their heroism is everything.

But the only REAL imperative is producing offspring that look like oneself. Long before World War II billions of animals gave their lives to save their group. Every social animal will make sacrifices so that their GROUP will live and go on.

What does it do to a social animal if there is a massive social engineering program to cut out this instinct?

Of course no one likes to call the drive to convince whites to do themselves in “social engineering.” But what else COULD you call it? No one else calls it that because the very term exposes the problem. The term “social engineering” is not popular because it brings up the question of what ELSE is affected.

Any time you use the term “social engineering” it strips naked the POWER question involved. Anti-whites hide behind the mantel of Idealism. But ALL social engineering sees itself as idealistic.

The term is unpopular because people immediately ask:

1) “Who does this give power to?”

2) Who decides what is good for us? And

3) If you interfere with people’s instincts in one area, what affect does this have on the rest of their minds?

None of these questions arises in regard to anti-whites.

Not only is getting rid of whites social engineering, it is social engineering on the most basic instinct of all.

Every social animal protects its borders. But we cannot protect our borders because there is no we. It becomes a random selection of Hispanics being kept out by a random selection of Hispanics in the border patrol. We do not have what every other social animals has had for a hundred million years: a gene pool to be protected.

Secondly, every nation is an accumulation of its individuals, as in we the people of the United States of America and OUR posterity. The Constitution no longer holds. You simply cannot have a multiracial, multicultural state and refer to ourselves and OUR posterity at the same time. We have gone from a contract where people give up certain powers to a propositional state.

In a propositional state, all power goes to whoever INTERPRETS the Proposition. The Judiciary is to be obeyed by all, because it has taken the place of the balance of powers. The President could say in his oath of office, “I swear to uphold and defend the latest opinion of a majority of the Supreme Court.” That is what he does. The old document is not what he upholds and defends.

All of this flows naturally from anti-white social engineering. Conservatives bitch about the symptoms but they shriek at all heretics and demand the right to lead the lynch mob.