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An Apology and a Thank God for BoardAd

Posted by Bob on February 6th, 2010 under Bob, Comment Responses

When BoardAd started the new General Comments it was a terrible shock to me. I have not been looking in that section for months! It had petered out, so I didn’t look at it.

I felt I had let you down horribly. But now that I HAVE looked at them, I am much happier about the whole thing. General Comments are excellent and, what came as a relief to me, you didn’t NEED me there!

“Our discussion is going very well, Bob, thank you very much.”

This last is a critically important point. That, in fact, is what gives BUGS a future. I don’t think any Leader in politics, left, right, or pro-white, would be relieved to find that things are going right along without him.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the key to our success.

After my guilt rush, I am enjoying reading the General Comments.

Skype-writing BoardAd a few days ago I happened in on a conversation on which Lord Nelson was having with him, which was supposed to include me after I had gone away abruptly as BoardAd allows me to do. It was GREAT!

BoardAd and Lord Nelson were discussing your ongoing activities, from White Rabbit to, one by one, most of our regular commenters and other BUGSers besides. You are not only going out and DOING it, you are going out and DOING it in a MENTALLY DISCIPLINED way.

Every reminder I would have put in was emphasized between BoardAd and Lord Nelson, with some additions that were dead on the money and I would be proud to have made myself. I was glad I missed the discussion because I was afraid I might screw it up.

Even better, the discussion was about how YOU keep forcing each other back on track.

I have a legacy!

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