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Hungary’s Confederate Flag and the Tea Party

When Hungary threw off Soviet rule, the State paper in my home town had to use a photo different from the one used in every other paper in America. The State was fighting to get the Confederate flag off of the flagstaff over he State House, and every other news paper had, under the Hungary headline, a photo with a huge Confederate flag right in front of the speakers’ platform.

A major factor in putting that flag there was Hungary’s huge Gypsy population. The Communist Government had suppressed all Politically Incorrect statistics, and one it had just published was that the one quarter of Hungary that was Gypsy committed well over one third of the total crimes.

“Heritage not Hate,” HELL! The Confederacy had no Tradition in Hungary. That flag represented what the anti-white Confederate flag supporters called Hate. It was a screaming denunciation of the anti-white, anti-Hate mongers around the world!

That flag was a denunciation of the lies and suppression of the leftist regime that had just fallen. It was answered by the State newspaper’s suppression.

If it is not pro-white, the Confederate flag is nothing. Respectable conservatism is facing a grassroots revolt in the Tea Party Movement, but it will be abortive because it, too, does not dare face what is actually happening to America.

By concentrating on the Tea Party, the media will once again avoid the reality the American grassroots is struggling with. The Tea Party will be obsessed with all the things respectable conservatives shout about.

The only important thing about the Tea Party is that it reflects an understanding that our anti-white political right has a symbiotic relationship with our political left. That realization has taken my entire lifetime, and it is a major step forward.

But until it includes a pure, unadulterated HERESY it will not mean anything positive.