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Analyzing the Mantra

Backbaygrouch points out the many hits he got on Google for BUGS when He put in “anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.” Most rewrites of the Mantra leave this out.

That is because they are based on theory rather than practice. That is term that gets noticed. That is where you get a chuckle from even the most unwilling people. That is where you get a break from the seriousness.

It also shows why I am so careful about the wording. I developed this by USING this, not by THEORIZING about it. You can get the points in faster, but in the real world, can you GET them in? What, IN PRACTICE, do you need to get them in?

The only improvement so far has been Genocide by Assimilation and Shari’s emphasis on


If you left out anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews, it turns out, you have far less chance of being Googled. That never occurred to me before BBG tried it, but it is the only unique word in the thing.

There is probably no way to get why I wrote the Mantra as I did if you don’t PRACTICE the Mantra. It looks cumbersome, but believe me I have tried to cut out stuff.

On the good side, I made an error I am glad was dumbass. Gator61 put the Mantra in Yahoo Talks a second time. I went there and found that his second reply was the usual, whites are horrible bit. I Immediately wrote he should follow up with “You are advocating genocide.” Turns out he already had, with quotes from the genocide convention.

It occurs to me now that he might not have aimed that at the commenter I was talking about. My point is that “white people are awful” is the regular knee-jerk reaction. If you THINK about hat, they can only be saying that genocide is all right against whites. What other purpose could that statement possibly have?

Hit them on that! They get a busted-nose introduction to our new way of thinking by way of getting hit for knee-jerk reply.

I assumed that Gator61 had not used this because I have a hell of a time getting anybody to use the Mantra, much less the next step.

I will never know. Yahoo pulled the plug on the whole thing at last.

Go on to the next. Protest Yahoo’s cutting us off, but it also means we are definitely taking prisoners.

If you are working in a dictatorship, you have to expect your phone to hang itself up a lot.