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Young Folks

It is a curious phenomenon that older people ask any young person, “How does your generation think?”

They would be most offended if someone asked THEM “How does your generation think?” That’s different. They are all over the place, of course. I have given this a lot of thought and have found several sources of this illusion.

First of all, there is the modern media’s use of The Youth Culture. They think that all “youth” thinks like them so they are The Wave of the Future. They have been looking for proofs of this and reporting it all my life.

I remember seeing opinion surveys in the mid-60s which showed that eighty percent of the so-called Hippie Generation, eighty percent, thought that longhair on males was effeminate! Such information did not make it to CBS Nightly News.

Another source of this “What Young People Think” is that older people do not realize that gestation ends at a very early age. We talk about the third month of pregnancy, the sixth month of pregnancy. Then we talk about the crisis when a kid learns to say “No!” at age two, the Terrible Twos.

To older people, children are at A Stage of Development. It seems that the older you get, the longer anyone younger than you is at a Stage of Development.

I was never an idiot, so I was never a socialist, but socialism is always looked upon as a Stage of Development, the Youthful Idealist. Old or young, you have to be feeble minded to think a bunch of bureaucrats, with Mommy Professor guiding them, can run the economy well.

True, a larger number of people who have just left their real mommies and are first exposed to Mommy Professor do take his pretenses seriously. But people who do that generally have parents who haven’t brownout it themselves.

Don’t wonder where the new generation is coming to before you think about where it is coming FROM.

Stage of gestation and the Youth Culture Thinking are two factors. There is another that is more general.

If someone asks you about your own city where you have lived for decades, it will very complex to your mind. You will know the figures personally, the history intimately You will know many occurrences, now solidified into Inevitable History, that could easily have gone either way.

But to you ANOTHER city’s characteristics are much simpler. That is one reason Jews are such Great Philosophers. Ask them about Jewish thought and they will give you a solid hour of detail and complexity. Ask them about the outside world and they will find it very simple.

Ask a Frenchman about Germans and he will tell you they are simply Bad or Uncultured. Ask a Jew about ANYBODY else and they will tell you they are Bad. SIMPLY bad. At best, they are trying to be better, but all gentiles are basically bad people who maybe trying to withhold their irrational hatred of Good Jews.

This is not a big secret or a Conspiracy. It is the theme of sermons every Saturday allover the world.

But the most relevant point here is that Jews think of Gentiles as good or bad SIMPLY by their attitude toward Jews or, in the absence of specifically anti-Semitic behavior, in terms of how they treat minorities Jews identify with, the other who are Suffering, the them that seems to be the only justification today for being a Jew.

Real Jews will often say that the Holocaust killed Judaism or Israel killed Judaism. What they mean is that all of the traditions and so forth are scarcely mentioned in public by Jews. You are Jewish or non-Jewish by your new faith of loving Israel or identifying with other who have Suffered.

When anyone says “I am Jewish and…” they are NEVER going to say anything about Jewish Tradition or anything of the sort. They are ALWAYS going to tell you about how they identify with other Suffering Minorities.

They will never SAY that consider all white gentiles to be basically evil, but there is no other way to interpret it. And anti-Semites’ view of Jews is equally simple.

So the older you get, the more “young people” constitute a group which, unlike the complex views of your peers, can be explained in a few words.