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This is a play on “The Generation Gap.”

I don’t have one. When I was in the AA and NA recovery programs I had a line of people mostly young, asking me to sponsor them. That is proof that whatever I was offering was actually WANTED.

In old America, there was no “adolescence.” You were a boy or girl or you were part of the men of the house like anybody else. If you were fool you could get your family KILLED :

“Stupidity has ALWAYS been a capital offense.”

The media has used this adolescence” or Stages of Growth crap to show how YOUNG at heart they are by being leftist. Young people, they say, SHOULD be Idealistic, i.e., Marxist, in their Youth, so a leftist is just a person who has kept that Youthful Outlook.

I wasn’t and I see no more excuse for a young person being an idiot than for an old one to.

So I don’t have a Generation Gap. No respectable is going to say that a young moron is just a moron. I have the same problem with a fifteen-year old anti-white that I do with a sixty year old one:

They aren’t THINKING.

You know me well enough to realize I didn’t go for popularity in the program. A sponsor has a life and death business on his hands. If my people didn’t do BETTER in recovery, meaning in SURVIVAL, I would have stopped doing it.

A higher percentage of the young people who are serious addicts die than of the COMBAT MERCENARIES I knew. And THOSE were the young addicts who made it to recovery! In both combat and recovery, stupidity in officers or sponsors has always been capital offense for the people they are responsible for.

The fact is that in the old days you couldn’t afford adolescence. You did not go out hunting with a 14 year old who might shoot you in the back by stupidity.

I don’t have a Generation Gap. The Generation Gap was invented. Like all information, for a PURPOSE, and that purpose was to make anti-whites seem idealistic and youthful rather than what they are, which is stupid traitors.

What I face is a Thinking Gap, and I face that with EVERYBODY. It is true that young people are more ankle-deep in Mommy Professors than other people. But that is no worse than older people who think they are “adult” and therefore far less correctable. The one thing worse than ignorance is MILITANT ignorance.