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Mommy Sarge to Mommy Professor

One thing about the Obedient Generation sticks out to me like a sore thumb.

So nobody else notices it.

Fifty percent of that generation took some advantage of the GI Bill for college. They went straight from learning that Sergeant whipping them and being worshiped to Mommy Professor telling them how he and his fellow Idealists and Intellectuals should rule the world. It is hard to imagine a more effective combination to make slaves of Americans.

No wonder they were THEN known as the Silent Generation. They had absolutely no training but how to obey. Stay butt-up to your sergeant and then repeat what Mommy Professors said word for word. They did not become vocal until they were GIVEN PERMISSION to do so from the establishment:

“You are so much better than the guys fighting Progressive Socialism in Vietnam. Yours was the Good War.” The louder they proclaimed this, the more praise they got.

Shari’s right — as usual — the draft was the natural continuation of this process. Look at how we warped our young people: Ideally a young person reaching the age when they used to have to make decisions entered an eight-year Politically Correct incubation period.

Young people who would have been learning a trade or determining their future at age fourteen began high school and did four-years, freshman-sophomore-junior-senior. THEN began ANOTHER four years under Mommy Professor. Then they were supposed to be drafted and go from Mommy Professor to Mommy Sarge.

Those who were drafted first reverse this process after the high school four years. If you ever wonder how Americans became the mindless slaves they are, THINK ABOUT this process.