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From Jensen to BUGS

People who use the word “liar” freely are never truthful people. So I see it as a big word when I use it. But I have to now.

They fired Dr. Watson, co-Nobel Laureate, for saying that Africa’s problems are a result of low IQ’s.

The Bell Curve was a best-seller when it made that clear beyond dispute. So what have they done? They simply outlawed saying that.

In the 1950s, there was no such thing as schizophrenia. You could only call it The Schizophrenic Response. That was to make it clear that all professionals agreed it was a RESPONSE having nothing to do with human chemistry or, God knows, GENETICS.

All experts agreed on that, hence the term.

Once again, a tiny group began to look at the TESTS. The proof of the pudding was that one treated The Schizophrenic Response only by TALKING a person out of the trauma that caused that Response. But, as with racial IQ, the tests came out wrong. The American Psychiatric Association condemned such testing.

But tests on drugs by the FDA showed that they DID work. A drug company official can go to prison for selling something that comes out wrong in tests. If the psychiatrists then had sold their far more expensive Talk Cure treatments as a drug, they would have gone to prison for selling them.

Now the psychiatrists have made sure that only psychiatrists can prescribe many of those drugs. So they admitted they were wrong. But they never SAY they were wrong. The Schizophrenic Response has gone down the Memory Hole, like racial IQ analysis.

Mommy Professor has stopped trying to deal with testing that leads to heresy and has gone to outright suppression. They do not deal with Dr. Watson the way they did with Dr. Jensen.

Why does information get produced? There is no other way you can understand this new phenomenon. Suddenly the tests have begun to come out RIGHT.

Recently a whole group of tests has come out showing that the Talk Cure works and drugs do not, the way it should have come out in the first place. This is not even logical, since the problem is now universally admitted to be chemical and a diagenetic rather than a response.

The Genome Project always comes out RIGHT. Every testing that is financed is now a Just So Story.

In the past, making up one’s test results before you started risked exposure, even in the vacuum-sealed halls of academe. They’ve learned from that. The exposure of the open frauds by Global Warning advocates is just the surface, the one time they got caught. If they openly cheat on that kind of test, what kind of License to Kill do they have on RACE?

So far nobody but me has pointed out how obvious this is: “to be a forensic pathologist, you have to do two things,

1) deduce the race of a victim from the tiniest rotting remains, and

2) Join all the other Recognized Experts in denying that race exists.”

The era of the Jensens and Rushtons is OVER. The Bell Curve would not be published today. No book or treatise will be published if it contradicts orthodoxy, and certainly no study will be FINANCED if it does not guarantee results ahead of time.

The bottom line is that we will no longer be ALLOWED long explanations. We have watched the Mantra being routinely blacked out everywhere. But we sneak it in. You can’t sneak a TOME in.

We must use short, devastating stuff, like the Mantra or my description of what a forensic pathologist must do. The era of Jensen is passed. The era of BUGS has begun.