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Death Religion

Before Zoroastrianism became the Pure Death Cult inherited in its degenerate phase By St. Paul and other genuine intellectuals when Zoroastrianism was the other main religion, it was limited to Aryans, as in the name s Iran and Erin.

One person did a Google and said I was wrong. He pointed out that every single page that aims to be Modern Zoroastrian states flatly that anyone is welcome to be a Zoroastrian, regardless of race. So they couldn’t have said that.

I asked him if he had Ever seen any OTHER religion where the first thing they hammer on is how race is no barrier. I asked him WHY he thinks the Zoroastrians wannabes hit so HARD on that. He got it then. You don’t go to such huge lengths to deny something that never OCCURRED to you. They are rejecting their real history, confirming it IS their real history.

I was simply LISTENING closely. He stayed on the surface and repeated what they SAID without thinking about WHY they said it.

This was not unique to Zoroastrian Persia. At its height the original Olympic Games had the original Olympic Oath, which included the oath that “I am of pure Hellenic blood…”

Zoroastrianism went from being racist to becoming a Death and Sterility Creed. As we move away from racism, our psychology makes every crisis, from Soylent Green to Global Warming, an argument for not having children.