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Hunger and Homelessness

Posted by Bob on March 2nd, 2010 under Coaching Session, How Things Work

When I was in the program, I was amazed by the people who would casually mention to me that they were homeless. They were clean, they led normal lives outside. You couldn’t tell the players without a scorecard.

They were not homeless because of societal inequity. They were homeless because of building codes. Today you couldn’t build a Depression-era shantytown on Federal land in utmost Nevada. Recovering addicts are often construction workers. They could put something over their heads, but WHERE?

Once again, the reason one sees this is because they never ask themselves is WHY IS THIS INFORMATION PRODUCED? The are thousands of people who make heir living with the homeless, but damn few of them can even imagine building one’s OWN shelter.

All information published about the homeless is published by people who are using homelessness for their own living or their own cause, or both. You should see how they react to my suggestion of leaving areas for shacks.

That is fascistic bourgeois thinking, that is typical, “Let them eat cake ” stuff!” This is hiring more experts like government building projects and experts in homelessness would plan and administer. No one with a Master’s in Sociology or who is a Marxist would encourage MORE shanties.

And that is where ALL of our information comes from. But no one ask why the information is produced.

One guy made billions by making tiny loans to tens of millions of third-world borrowers. He did more good than ten World Banks. The money did not filter through governments. It went to people who found solid reasons to get into the little debt they could get into.

He has been recognized as a humanitarian lately, but it was late because information is produced by experts to promote the idea that Idealists like them should get paid to plan projects. To put it simply, professionals are interested in using homelessness to promote Economic Democracy while the people only they speak for publicly want to get a roof over their heads.

Less than two centuries ago, Europeans would remark casually a particular family was going to starve come winter. This was not because, as the Idealists would say, they didn’t care. They lived in a world where they couldn’t do anything about it. Feed the family this year and they will starve next winter. There were too MANY of them.

Demography is a branch of economics, mainly because you have to put it SOMEWHERE. As a result I had to do a fair amount of reading in the area for my credentials. My impression was that Experts on Hunger don‘t know what hunger IS. They use the words starvation and malnutrition interchangeably. They want to prove that capitalism will always, and uniquely, produce Hunger.

Back on Planet Earth, the only white countries that have seen actual lack of food were in the Peace Loving People’s Republic, countries run by experts who CARED about the poor, if you ask Mommy Professor. Mommy Professor can stand in the middle of a group of people whoa re actually starving and rant about “inequities.” That’s what he’s there for.

An actual human being among starving people will want to get food to them. NOW.

One of the greatest and least noticed phenomena of our age is how few people actually starve. I do not know whether people starve in India any more. But all a Hunger Expert will note is that Indians get paid very little. The security net there is very, very low. But for the first time in thousands of years, it EXISTS.

This is of no importance to someone who is only interested in a New World Order. But it would impress YOU if you ever saw the ways things USED to be.

People who have no roof over their heads want one. They could build one if there was a place for them to do it. But once again, one has to realize that information is PRODUCED. I am telling you this, but I have no stake in Homelessness.

But who is going to talk about this? It is information only a non-Expert would be interested in.

  1. #1 by Peter rabbit on 03/02/2010 - 9:21 am!/topic.php?uid=304981108326&topic=15353

    Another Facebook discussion on the mantra, this time on a “Coffee Party Movement” fan page.

  2. #2 by BGLass on 03/02/2010 - 9:32 am

    “An actual human being would want to get them food.” That being the key. A neighbor of mine is considering going to Africa with a church group, which will cost her thousands. Vaguely, she wondered if poor Africans might be better off, if she didn’t go but just sent the money, instead. OTOH, she just joined her church that is sponsoring this trip “and wants to contribute,” besides which, “there is value for her in touching the people, personally.” Meantime, her sibling is in the “rust belt,” and he has —literally— ten blonde-blue kids. He went a whole other route in life. Now THEY have no money. My childless neighbor worries about these poor nieces and nephews, and says “her sibling is not going to be able to send them to college and they’re creationist Christians,” so she worries about their future. She says, “It’s like they don’t even think about it.” Caring is the only paycheck in a feudalist, corporatist welfare state. In a way, she’s right. If she admits her own psychology to herself, how she is using starvation, then she would be called a “sociopath.”

  3. #3 by Dave on 03/02/2010 - 10:06 am

    While staying in LA I left my hotel where Robert Kennedy was shot and strolled down to the benches beneath the Madrona trees at the downtown LA Catholic Mission to kill time.

    It was a beautiful downtown LA afternoon – just perfect – light breeze, rustling leaves, tender summer sunlight. I was perfectly happy. The tyranny of LA City Hall a few blocks distant seemed a long ways away.

    I got in line with the bums to get a free sandwich and a free cup of coffee from the nuns.

    The bum sitting beside me was classic – threadbare argyle socks, scuffed brown oxford shoes with a floppy sole that needed stitching, yellow polyester trousers with a too-long white vinyl belt synched tightly around an emaciated waist. A dirty plaid sports coat with a pint of port covered in a twisted paper sack completed the picture.

    Trying to fit in and while eating my sandwich I told him, “As long as it’s for free it fits my budget”.

    He replied, “When I was a kid I made the mistake of paying the University of California three hundred bucks to attend freshman chemistry class. My aim was to become a doctor. About half-way through my first quarter I decided to become a wino instead. That chemistry class made me realize becoming a wino would be a whole lot easier.”

    He then thought a moment. An offended tone crept into his voice: “You know what? Those bastards wouldn’t give me my money back! Do you have any idea how many pints of port three hundred bucks buys?”

    I conveyed to him my sympathy. Losses like that can be brutal.

    I asked him, “Have you actually ever worked?” He answered, “Hell no. I belong to a union! Three hundred fifty dollars each and every month – State of California Aid to the Unemployable.”

    It was then this strange slow tape started playing in my head. It kind of rolled slyly in a soft whisper in the manner little girls like to tease. The tape played: “Friends don’t let friends drink Starbucks.” That made me realize how much I hated Starbucks coffee, coffee you would have to pay me to drink.

    In contrast, the coffee those nuns gave me was soooo good. And no ceramic mug either, I drank it in a pure Styrofoam cup, the way all great coffee should be served.

    It was made in one of those huge old fashioned aluminum pots that can easily electrocute you if you are not careful. I don’t how my grandparent’s generation survived. But they sure knew how make coffee for the troops and those nuns were carrying on the tradition as somebody should.

    As evening fell I got up and walked the breath of Chinatown. I wanted to see the Hollywood sign at the opposite end in the Pacific Ocean twilight. It was perfect. Even the crazy punk kid that challenged me to a karate fight was perfect. It was just a perfect evening.

    Why – why are there such people as Marxists in world?

    I wish I knew, but perhaps it is better I don’t.

  4. #4 by Simmons on 03/02/2010 - 11:44 am

    I think if we can transform “Libertarianism” into something humane then we can have a wordist system for whites in this world.

    America ist kaput, it is just a tussle between gangs for global corporatism anyway bought and paid for thru electioneering of white money to non-white hoards.

    But I think from every redoubt that whites exist in during our dispora we can rally about;


    To every freeloading non-white and to the gray haired “free thinkers” playing Big Momma Lib we can tell them, mind your own damn business hands off my family. (its a big family

  5. #5 by BGLass on 03/02/2010 - 1:21 pm

    About the ‘new diaspora’ (for us) mentioned above–it’s one reason for studying Jewish diaspora-strategy (which for them is SEEN as a strategy, not just a sad situation, but rather, a desirable one). Israel isn’t a homeland, either. It’s contended ground. And they have lost a strategy that they, alone, had previously been working (diaspora strategy). Exile can be worked to great advantage. On this, deep down, many Jews approach Israel (really) as having many possible downsides. They’d be a nation among other nations then, nothing special about that. And then whites would have diaspora strategy. The question is how to maintain vibrant culture in it.

  6. #6 by Dave on 03/02/2010 - 4:49 pm

    The important point in this post about Hunger and Homelessness has nothing to do with hunger homelessness.

    Consider the headlines today: “Justices In Favor that the Right to Bear Arms is a National Right”

    Hey, the right to bear arms IS the law. It is not a something “conferred” by the US Supreme Court.

    The right to bear arms was law promulgated in blood. No legislature enacted that law. It was enacted on the battlefield. It cannot be repealed. It can only be violated.

    Nine Justices whose only contribution to the securing of the rights of Americans is eating food they could never produce and then waddling down the hall to take dumps in toilets they could never plumb, HAVE NO POWER TO CONFER ANYTHING.

    Why do people say what they say?

    The Supreme Court endlessly engages in the posture that they themselves are the source of rights.


    This is what politicians do to us all the time.

    What makes “hunger and homelessness” any “expert’s” goddamned business??? Why is it any legislature’s or court’s business???

    Robert Whitaker is making a legal point in these posts. A VERY IMPORTANT LEGAL POINT!

    We BUGSTERS better get hip to what he is saying.

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