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Sic ‘Em!

During the 1968 campaign, before George Wallace was shot, John Wayne wrote a check for a considerable amount to Wallace. On it were the words:

“Sic ‘em, George!”

Only the Duke could have said that to a Governor. And only George Wallace didn’t mind being called an attack dog.

A little while back I bitched about how I missed some stuff I had read from commenters about how to use the Mantra. Then I discovered that you had not ceased to do that, I had just been looking in the wrong place. I was wrong.

That happens a lot.

The wonderful fact is that General Comments consists of a conspiracy against the rest of the world by BUGS experts. It is not a response to Bob‘s Latest Wisdom.

It is more like a conspiracy to shoot anti-whites in the knees.

But without the violence.

If this sounds beyond normal comprehension, you can put yourself in my place. They are talking about You Tube techniques in detail. The last Latest Technology I was in on was able to use ham radio to reach Tennessee from South Carolina.

I was reading an exchange one of us had started on Facebook with the Mantra and referred to in General Comments III. Some bitch had said the usual thing about how ignorant we racists were and one of our people got one of my quotes out,. That BUGSTER simply quoted me as saying that the standard anti-white reply was, “YOU IGNUNT!”

It is hard to understand how wonderful I felt seeing this. The BUGSer who did this did not care whether I understood Facebook or any technology. That BUGSER could have tried to put his own spin on the reply.

All that mattered was that I had heard this same crap a thousand times, and it was hard to improve on my response.

It is almost too simple to state: No matter what the technology, nothing they say is new. So, for one of US, there is no way we are going to treat their crap as anything but the same old crap they stated in hieroglyphics or Morse Code.

When I read General Comments, I keep seeing us repeating the Basics, someone bringing us back to the basics.

When I was young, I naturally hoped and expected that older people were wise and more profound than I was, thinking thoughts that I would only fully appreciate after years of accumulated wisdom and experience.

To say I was “disappointed” in the “wisdom” I was offered is one of history’s great understatements.

I was crushed by the failure of those before me. But I am astonished by you. When one is raised in a Pod World, where everything is distorted, it is amazing when people come out making sense. I am tired, I am discouraged, I have no hope.

Then along you come.

Sounds dramatic, but screw that. I couldn’t care less if it sounds dramatic.

It IS dramatic.

Sic ‘em!!