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We’re in a Fix

The Communist motto was always “Two steps forward, one step back.” They would make a huge demand and then compromise. This required an “opposition” which was dumb enough to let the Left have half of what it didn’t have before, and then crow about its own “moderation” and “reasonableness” and “willingness to compromise.”

I other words there is absolutely nothing new about today’s respectable conservatives. Lenin called them useful idiots.

You will often hear anti-whites saying they are just for Choice. They claim they are not demanding massive immigration into ALL white countries and ONLY white countries. So militants demand that borders be open in ALL white countries and ONLY white countries, but many conservatives claim all they demand is that, once they’re in, they have the Choice to stay in.

Conservatives are a lot like the Inquisition or the Jews who got Jesus crucified. The Inquisition never did the killing, it just “turned heretics over to the secular authorities.” Jews did not do the crucifying. They just convicted Jesus and turned him over to the secular authorities.

Respectable conservatives simply give the Left half of what it demands at first and thereby claim to be an opposition. This was an old game when LENIN took it up over a century ago.

People take this little dance seriously. People take professional wrestling seriously. In other words, they ENJOY thinking that is a real contest going on. They cheer on their Gorgeous George or their Hannitys. A lot of people think this MUST be a Conspiracy. NOBODY, much less most of the population, is dumb enough not to see the World Wrestling Championship and the game of Political Dialogue is fixed.

And they are half right. Every wrestling fan does it for kicks. They are all aware THAT game is fixed.