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We’re in a Fix

Posted by Bob on March 7th, 2010 under Coaching Session

The Communist motto was always “Two steps forward, one step back.” They would make a huge demand and then compromise. This required an “opposition” which was dumb enough to let the Left have half of what it didn’t have before, and then crow about its own “moderation” and “reasonableness” and “willingness to compromise.”

I other words there is absolutely nothing new about today’s respectable conservatives. Lenin called them useful idiots.

You will often hear anti-whites saying they are just for Choice. They claim they are not demanding massive immigration into ALL white countries and ONLY white countries. So militants demand that borders be open in ALL white countries and ONLY white countries, but many conservatives claim all they demand is that, once they’re in, they have the Choice to stay in.

Conservatives are a lot like the Inquisition or the Jews who got Jesus crucified. The Inquisition never did the killing, it just “turned heretics over to the secular authorities.” Jews did not do the crucifying. They just convicted Jesus and turned him over to the secular authorities.

Respectable conservatives simply give the Left half of what it demands at first and thereby claim to be an opposition. This was an old game when LENIN took it up over a century ago.

People take this little dance seriously. People take professional wrestling seriously. In other words, they ENJOY thinking that is a real contest going on. They cheer on their Gorgeous George or their Hannitys. A lot of people think this MUST be a Conspiracy. NOBODY, much less most of the population, is dumb enough not to see the World Wrestling Championship and the game of Political Dialogue is fixed.

And they are half right. Every wrestling fan does it for kicks. They are all aware THAT game is fixed.

  1. #1 by Dave on 03/07/2010 - 9:43 am

    It is natural for people to be arrogant. It is natural for people to be bullies. It is natural for people to be ruled by emotion. It is natural for people to be dysfunctional. It is natural for people to be militantly ignorant. Demanding this cease is like asking a baby not to cry.

    Yet every political agenda out there claims to fix this, claims to address the enormous conflict that is caused by the dysfunction in the way people really are. That is what makes the Libertarians so ridiculous. They make the very same absurd promises the Communists do. Both the Republican and Democratic Parties make these same absurd promises. And then these fools spend all their time denouncing each other, when in fact they are all in agreement and all make the same promises. And all of them are under the delusion that a harmonious and just world is possible, and that is how they justify themselves.

    All these people are on a parade route, wholly under the influence of each other.

    We at BUGS have left the parade route and stand outside of it. We know we cannot be just another faction of crying babies.

    Our responsibilities are of the utmost seriousness, the salvation of our race. Unlike our enemies, we know that being intelligent is not an elective, it is a requirement. We know that having a presence of mind is not an elective, is a requirement.

    Accordingly, we will not allow ourselves to come under the influence of the multitudes on the parade route. And we comport ourselves accordingly.

  2. #2 by Scrivener on 03/07/2010 - 2:54 pm

    Bob, it seems almost redundant to comment because you do say a lot of things I’m already thinking. I started thinking about the current political “contest” in those terms several years ago, about the same time I stopped listening to Rush regularly.

    A friend of mine who happens to think conservatives are evil incarnate (I’m not sure why he tolerates my views, but we’re still friends), was complaining about the “win” in 2004. I asked him why it was so bad, explaining that when the Republicans win, they still do things the Democrats want, and even sell out their voters by giving Democrats good amount of say in judicial appointments.

    He said, as he usually does when I try to ply him with straightforward logic, that I was being ridiculous, as if I had insisted the sky was orange. Maybe it’s a matter of timing; after all, if I waited until sunset to say the sky was orange, he might listen.

    Derek Black had a good idea for a solution to this problem. The Republicans simply need new candidates and new leadership. So he ran for his local Republican Executive Committee. He won, but was denied his seat. I like his initiative and it was a good object lesson in how our opposition plays the game.

  3. #3 by Simmons on 03/08/2010 - 11:32 am

    Dave I’ll make a “promise.” I promise you and everyone here, if we rid the words “racist” and “racism” of their “Demoralizing” effect (calling Horus) our little movement would rocket up in size.

    My analogy comparing us to Yugoslavia works best to understand mass movement psychology. Slobo broke the hold of the “Demoralization” of the Serbs, within a year Yugoslavia was done. And he did it on accident. Wait till one politician in the white world accidently saying something like this, “I will never let them hurt you or intimidate you with the words “racist” or “racism” again.”

    Accidents like that drive the PHDs nuts.

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