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BUGS and the Forbidden Zone

BUGS has something unique to offer to everybody. We offer clear thinking on forbidden subjects. The key words here are two: 1) forbidden and 2) clear.

On the first word, every society has its Forbidden Zone, some more than others. In fact one may make the argument that if there is not a Forbidden Zone it is not a society. In a libertarian society the forbidden zone is forcing others to do what you want them to. The Mafia would love a libertarian society and, since libertarians oppose borders which restrict the factors of production they call labor and management, how could they keep the Mafioso out?

So, in order for libertarianism not to be laughed at its own convention, immigration is a forbidden subject. On of the best ways to ensure a productive, safe society is to keep it racially and culturally all-white or even all-Oriental IF the Orientals are committed to what they got from whites. Any discussion of this would be shouted down if a speaker managed to say it at a libertarian convention.

I talk about libertarianism first to demonstrate that, no matter how free they claim to be, every society, even the theoretical libertarian one, has a Forbidden Zone. That’s what makes it a society.)

The problem is that a forbidden zone is a fortress against thought, manned by those who represent Militant Ignorance. When the telescope was invented by Western Society the old cosmology was doomed. Today Political Correctness, which was built on the assumptions that animals have no borders and no war, and that all mental problems are Responses to environmental factors are dead and rotting while standing there backed by the forces of Militant Ignorance.

Each year more and more obvious nonsense has to be defended to defend the Forbidden Zone. While the rest of society marches on, that Forbidden Zone Wall gets higher and higher, pours down hot oil on the attackers until it finally collapses.

Those of us who spend out time talking precisely about the Forbidden Zone of our society have a lot to offer people. Those who refuse to read our stuff because it is Forbidden, whether you call Forbidden Heresy or Hate, miss it all.

Libertarians can never have a free society because they refuse to listen to the simple reality that it is the people who make up a society. By definition, libertarianism must ignore the people and insist that all that is needed to make a country free is for them to have lots of copies of Ayn Rand there.

I almost said all their free society needs is for everybody to READ Ayn Rand. But they have no way of enforcing that. The only way to keep this from coming up at a Libertarian Convention is to shout it down.

But the rest of us can get a chuckle and, more important, a piece of real world knowledge from exposing the Libertarian Forbidden Zone. Every philosophy has its Forbidden Zone, and Libertarianism is just an extreme since it claims to have n forbidden zone.

If you look at the first paragraph again, you will see this discussion covers point 1. We’ll deal with point 2) separately.