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Laughing at Baby Teeth

Mantra Thinking means taking a fresh look at what we take for granted. I can’t push the Mantra itself all the time, but sometimes I can get the conversation around to what, for the average person, is the mindlessness Mommy Professor never prepared him for.

In one episode of Seinfeld, the last scene had them going to the emergency room from a circumcision. Due to Costanza’s bungling, both he and the bis had been cut and needed to go to the hospital. The joke was NOT that somebody had been sliced and was bleeding, but that two ADULTS had been sliced. There was no question in anybody’s mind that adults who get cut must go to the emergency room.

The fun idea was that only the INFANT should have been sliced. It occurs to no one that the tiny baby needs any attention, though for him the cut is a lot more serious than it would be to an adult. Gentile babies born in a hospital have been sliced like this for over seventy years, routinely.

After the year 2000 a couple of doctors did experiments with modern electronic stuff and published their discovery: Circumcision is PAINFUL for the infant. In fact, with the machine they have been using since the 1930s, it is TRAUMATICALLY painful. It is so bad that some doctors have been giving kids some anesthetics in the last few years. Nobody considered it before.

I have also seen many, many hilarious scenes on TV of children getting their baby teeth pulled. It’s a real yuck! Their mouth is bleeding and some of the most sensitive nerves in the body are exposed. So they show fear. That means they are just little sissies, of course.

Now make that person into an adult who has a tooth coming out. Suddenly we need a trip to the dentist’s office, we need Novocain, we are dealing with court suits if it is done cruelly.

An adult who converts to Judaism is not ABOUT to have some dirty, uneducated old bis slice at him. They only take one drop of blood from an ADULT, and they are damned careful about THAT. But it’s always open season on infants, both Christian and Jewish.

It is not that everybody doesn’t KNOW about the cruelty of circumcision and tooth-pulling. It is just that no one THINKS about it. THINKING about what you know is Mantra Thinking.