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A Talk With Kelso

Kelso is irreplaceable. He is also a robot. I am up at 4 am and contacted him on Skype. He is ALWAYS there.

I used to be a lot like that, though I’ve never seen anybody as completely and consistently energetic as that man. As usual, he is at a convention and wants me to come. Then he said he would like me to go the CofCC in Nashville. I told him a long time ago I would never go to another convention.

But Jamie is a champion promoter, and champion promoters do not give up.

I told him that all the energy I have to spare goes into BUGS and there’s not enough for that. I feel awful when one of us comes up with something great like White Rabbit and is disappointed at my lack of attention. I am deeply impressed by the practical discussions of You Tube productions and your producing them.

It is FAR less forgivable for me to fail to listen to productions I BEG you to come up with than it is for me to miss one more Movement get together. On this you need to be VERY forgiving.

Please remember I have spent FIFTY YEARS going to political get-togethers. I have made hundreds of speeches. I have written hundreds. I have listened to thousands. Worse I have had TWO nervous breakdowns.

A person who has had one of those, much less two, is like a person with heart attacks. He gets tired or worried and feels what just could be the onset of another one.

But what I said about BUGS to Kelso needs to be shared with you. I asked him if the organizations he is dealing with is using the Mantra. He said yes. Then I said no one had reported it to me, and he said they were just getting started, which was why they weren’t using it.

BUGS is not like other groups who insist that everybody use their methods and our methods ONLY. We just realize that we are the one that has to do it. We concentrate on mental discipline, and when we say The Mantra we mean The Mantra, not some translation of our genocide into some victimization of whites theme.

I went to CofCC a few times when they used OUR stuff. Sam Francis would contact me before each issue and ask for WOL articles for the Citizens’ Informer. Sam died and that was the INSTANT end of that. They are doing their thing and we are doing ours.

If I hear White Christian Civilization one more time I think I’m going to puke, as Stokeley Carmichel said about Six Million Jews. I can’t TAKE it any more, gang! BUGS is not a church.

Anyway I wanted to share this with you, since I was talking to Kelso about the mission of BUGS in general.