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The Tome People

In General Comments 3 someone mentioned a reply they got to the Mantra: “Loyalty to the white race is treason to humanity.”

This is the motto of Noel Ignatiev’s group he calls Race Traitors. This is typical and funny. For an Ivy League Jew to be claiming he is a traitor to the white race is exactly like a Jesuit claiming he is a traitor to Protestantism.

Ignatiev, a small time teacher at Harvard, says “The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that the only opposition could be from white supremacists.” While repeating the Jewish establishment line but for his present purposes he pretends to be bravely defying the white race which, for present purposes, he claims to be part of.

This is very typical. Anti-whites routinely hide behind being white as if there were no such thing as treason. As I have said, Jews are white or a minority or a separate group when it is convenient. Anyone who challenges their momentary identity is anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

Anti-white whites will routinely be shocked by the Mantra, “How can I be anti-white? I’m white.”

My reply is, “It’s called treason, dum-dum, it happens all the time.”

Then I get out and some SFer gives a long, complicated reply which lets the anti-white get back into the debate. My stuff is designed to expose the enemy and leave them naked. The standard reply we learn from tomes gets them back into the argument. They have something to argue with.

In short, the Tome People do for anti-whites what respectable conservatives do for the left.