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It is important to keep your thoughts disciplined in any discussion. When anyone talks about racism, you must remember to say, “What you mean is, what YOU CHOOSE TO CALL RACISM.”

Some female spouting the standard Hate line got cut to pieces by one of our people simply taking one of my quotes, saying she was just accusing us of being IGNUNT. Another of us buzzed in and made it clear that no one has a right to use insults on us any more than on anyone else.

I got the impression she was a bit shell-shocked as this went on.

You can do this, you can make them ALL feel shell shocked, if you stay disciplined. In the cases where you get a chance to hit back, don’t let anybody attack you as if they were being objective. They are saying that they hate anybody they choose to call a Racist.

That is very different from a racist, and you should remember that.

BoardAd has decided to do the same thing for Comments 3, leave it to you. You are doing a terrific job there. I don’t want to throw in something that might screw it up. But I am reading and really enjoying it.

In fact, the sort of point I just made could have appeared in Comments 3. And it is very important to realize that what is happening in Comments 3 is CRITICAL. I will be dead and frozen at some time, but the fact is, my peak passed years ago.

You must start taking over Now, and you have been. It never occurred to me that our fight, our real fight, our WHOLE fight, would end in my lifetime. If I were worried only about my lifetime, I wouldn’t dedicate my entire life to the preservation of my RACE.

But it is may be hard for you to empathize with how good it feels to have people working on cornering the other side with ruthless, disciplined points the way I have done all my life.

Sic ‘em.

Plot how to sic em. Practice siccing them, and report it in.