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History Repeats Itself — AGAIN

A commenter told me about a link referring to the excavation of a Caucasoid cemetery some four thousands years old in Tibet.

They did an interesting Politically Correct line about the genetics of Aryan mummies they found. Documentaries now say that though they look white, they have genes found in India, the Middle East, and Siberia as well as Europe. The Hittites were Aryans and the other locations are where Aryans went.

The mummies in China have the genes other Aryans have, so they can’t be Aryan.

So they just LOOKED white. The article on the cemetery dug up with such embarrassing bodies in Tibet leads off with how the genes are found in all these other places though they look as Caucasoid as I do.

This is interesting logic. There are statues of Buddha in Japan by the hundreds. Buddhists point out that Gautama Buddha “had eyes the color of the blue Lotus.” From that, with a little doctoring, we could conclude that Buddha was a blue-eyed Japanese.

Marxism and Political Correctness have exactly the same problem with history that the Renaissance Church had with the Bible. Marxism requires that our accepted everything was invented in the Middle East and is the Property of Mankind history be exact, literal, and detailed Truth in precisely the way that the Church required that Genesis be true, word for word.

When the Medicogenetical Institute of Moscow did a study and found that genetics was critical, Stalin arranged it so that the head of that Institute “confessed his ideological error and was shot.” This incident appeared in Garrett Hardin’s Nature and Man’s Fate and I knew a Member of THE Royal Society, a geneticist, whose Russian friends were all shot, but this incident has been completely erased from the historical records.


Stalin made Lysenko head of Soviet genetics, and people know about that, but no one asks what triggered his appointment. Note that above I did not refer to “The Medieval Church” as the source of the war against science. All the sources do. I do not for a very quaint reason:

It’s not true.

When the age of information slammed into Europe, the Medieval Church could have handled it. Luther himself thought he was criticizing the Church from WITHIN the Church. An absolute despotism of the kind historians refer to as The Medieval Church would not have considered it routine for a priest to nail up points he wanted to debate on his church door.

No TYRANNY allows that. Try nailing the Mantra up on a University bulletin board and keep your tenure as a professor.

We have been treated to Climategate. Anyone who suggested that top experts were conspiring to fix data would have been denounced as paranoid, as McCarthy was. It is almost impossible to find someone McCarthy denounced who was NOT a Communist. Due to the Internet, that fact is so well known that I have not heard the word “McCarthyism” in a decade.

This collapse of one its best verbal weapons has not hurt the Left because it has the right to do what it always does as its part in the play: FORGET it.

CS Lewis told a nun that he did not join Tolkien in the Catholic Church because her church had abandoned the Medieval Church. He did not elaborate, but it is true that the rigid organization after the Council of Trent was arguably as different from the Medieval Church as the Lutherans were.

All this is VERY relevant today, IF we see things as they really are. There is an explosion of knowledge at the grass roots. It is not a new conspiracy, it is a predicable crisis. White people in ancient China is a fact regular history does not make room for, just as the invention of the telescope was.

Since our entire secular theology is as rigidly based on accepted history as Renaissance religion was on the exact words of Scripture and pure forgeries like the Donation of Constantine, the institution must make the facts fit its own survival interests. It will do that partly by suppressing facts. Partly by warping research results, and partly by denying it ever disputed any of the new findings in the first place.

That is a part of history that never changes.