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J. Edgar Hoover

I have stayed ahead in daily articles until this bout with flu. The last time I dropped out for a while, BoardAd kept us running with Blasts From the Past, but he became very discouraged because our numbers dropped steeply.

Lots of people say size doesn’t matter.

But the competition between blogs is enormous, and if I am going to give up thinking and just repeat what I thought before, I might as well make money at it as a respectable conservative or get rich on it at the SPLC.

It is interesting how much one can tell about real history from the few times Politically Correctness shows MERCY to those it hates. They hate J. Edgar Hoover because he is seen as an enemy to the advocates of a People’s Peace Loving Democracy McCarthy attacked.

He criticized Saint Martin Luther the King because he kept open Communists as advisers. He even criticized Paul Robeson, whom the New York Times described in his obituary as “a lifetime advocate of human rights and a disciple of Joseph Stalin until his (Robeson‘s) death.”

What the media never mention is the reason why Hoover declared the Mafia to be a myth. It had nothing to do with his homosexuality. If the Mafia had a picture of his making love to his live-in Deputy head of the FBI, FBI experts would have declared it to be a made-up picture.

We are familiar enough with kept “science,” like Climategate, to know about this. We all know that the Genome Project will never say one thing that does not support Political Correctness. And where do did all local police, and even Interpol, send photographs to be verified?

To the FBI in Washington, of course.

So why is the media so uninterested in why Hoover declared that the mafia was scientifically proved to be a myth, just as the Genome Project says race is?

For very simple reason: the FBI wanted to look invincible, and Organized Crime was LOT bigger than the FBI was. So the FBI bought out white trash relatives of Klansmen and made huge progress in crushing a much smaller and more divided foe.

The media don’t want to criticize THAT.

But that was, for Hoover, a diversion. He knew what the media wanted, and the media didn’t care whether Organized Crime died or prospered. It wanted Southern resistance crushed.

Hoover was a master politician. Like Churchill, he did not care what he did to the world so long as he kept power. And unlike Churchill he DID keep power, whereas the world spit Churchill out.

The simple fact is that any attempt to deal with organized crime in Hoover’s time was doomed. So J. Edgar declared it a myth until that disastrous meeting in the mountains made it too obvious to declare mythological any more. But that was in the 50s, I believe.

Hoover was right. He couldn’t deal with Organized Crime. It was not until the passage of the RICO Acts that a crime boss could be charged EFFECTIVELY with crimes committed on his orders. The Warren Court worked desperately hard to defend all criminals, especially the big ones, and you couldn’t get anybody for drugs unless you found drugs ON them, and then it wasn’t easy.

No big man in the Mafia ever had drugs within a football field of him. So it was obvious that all the law enforcement agencies got nothing but small fry, and it didn’t look good. Hoover had been right to defend the Mafia all that time in order to keep his image.

Hoover was also as helpless against the Communists in the US as anyone else. He abandoned McCarthy. He wouldn’t have been surprised to know that practically everyone McCarthy accused turned up in KGB files, but that was not his problem.

Hoover wanted to do things that showed him invincible. Preferably things to media would LIKE. So he did that by buying off white trash.