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If the RICO Act were enforced, every bishop of the Catholic Church would be in prison. I say this because you have a simple choice, either every bishop knew about the shifting of pedophile priests from diocese to diocese, or they were ignoramuses about the reality of the Church, and you don’t get your miter in that crowd without being sharp.

If I understand the RICO Act correctly, and as I say I never did anything legal in Washington, if a higher up knows illegal orders are being given and does not report them, he, as part of the organization, is as liable as the one who gives orders.

This is never fully enforced against ANYONE, let alone the church to which over a quarter of Americans belong. As Organized Crime Attorneys have doubtless pointed out thousands of times in and out of court, if RICO were enforced against almost ANY organization the way it is against The Mafia and its relatives, the heads of about every major corporation and every church in America would be behind bars.

As far as my limited legal knowledge goes, that is perfectly true.

So we are in the peculiar position of saying the hiding  of a few findings on nicotine or a few rigged crash-tests or a few bishops causing more pederastry than any single pederast could even imagine has to be OK.

After all, the last two letters of RICO stand for Corrupt Organizations. One could say that organized crime is ALL corrupt, though both the Godfathers died trying to make most of their activities legit. And that, of course, is one of the themes of The Godfather: You think you’re out but they drag you back in.

But this brings up the question, Are you EVER out?

The answer has to be yes. The logic the Church uses for its Pro-Life stance cannot be applied to anything in life, least of all the Church itself. If the Church enforced the same logic it uses on abortion on itself, it would have to disband.

Even if one must say that the Church itself cannot disband, its doctrine declares it eternal despite error, every Catholic organization short of the Church itself could probably be forced to disband by its own pro-Life, no-compromise language.

And by its own pro-pederast actions.

This is has been an exercise in thinking out loud. My Mantra mindset says that there is something fundamentally wrong about banning all medical use of fetal material while at the same time forgetting the giant, life-ruining pederastry, I for one do not find all that excusable.

When slobbering over anti-Semitism became chic, the Pope went to Israel to do his blubbering. But If he has taken any similar action about DECADES of ruining the lives of Catholic boys, I have yet to hear of it.

I think the lesson is one we all know, but which needs to be brought out from time to time. It is the same lesson that is taught by the example of J. Edgar Hoover:

Every FAMOUS moralist, be he a person or a Church, talks unconditional morality and practices BRAZEN selective morality. Today the judge of who becomes a FAMOUS moralist, as the Church must be to get money and maintain power, is the media.

What I have just said is obvious to every adult, but it has not been long since there was no place to say it.

Now there is.

And that could make “practicality” in the new age a totally different thing.