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The Donation

Posted by Bob on March 27th, 2010 under Coaching Session, History, Religion

The end of the last article read, “And that could make ‘practicality’ in the new age a totally different thing.”

This has happened before. The development of printing made Luther’s power possible, but it did not occur in a vacuum. Western society invents things it has a need for.

By contrast, the printing press and the mechanical clock in China came on in a vacuum and disappeared in a vacuum. Printing in China, and in Korea which had an alphabetical script and only 24 letters, came and went in the same nothing.

This is why the example of the Donation of Constantine is so critical. Charlemagne’s court invented the Donation of Constantine. This is incomprehensible to accepted history, which sees Charlemagne as trying to get back to the Roman Empire ruled from Rome. Charlemagne had no such interest.

In Charlemagne’s time there was a recognized, legitimate Roman Empire, which had not had a break in its Imperial line since Constantine moved its capitol from Rome to Constantinople. It never occurred to anyone in the actual Roman Empire that moving the capitol constituted the Fall of Rome.

If it did, then the moving of the American capitol from New York to Washington would have been the Fall of America.

In his own time, the Court of Charlemagne had a practical problem. The Pope, probably against his wishes, had made Charlemagne Emperor. The Pope, who was blind and had had his tongue cut out, did not feel safe.

He desperately wanted the Imperial Power to cover the City of Rome.

This was a cosmic challenge, because the Emperor — actually Empress — in Constantinople was not only an Imperial power but a power in the religious area as well. The Emperor Constantine called the Council of Nicaea which defined the Christian Faith, though he himself was not only not a bishop but was unbaptized. He was referred to by all bishops as The Supreme Bishop.

Today the Eastern Church still considers itself a part of the State, a subject of the Emperor.

The Pope had to redefine ALL of that. So he produced a forgery called the Donation of Constantine.

The history I have just explained is justified by the fact that this forgery was supposedly written by the EMPEROR, not by Saint Peter or Paul or any other religious authority. In the Donation, Constantine gave the Church to the Pope.

People KNOW this, but they don’t THINK about it. For centuries the Papacy based its claim to power on being given power by an Emperor. That meant the Emperor had it to give. People never THINK about that, just as they never think about the Temptation of Christ, when Satan offered all the kingdoms of the earth to Jesus.

The latter meant that it is assumed that Satan OWNED the kingdoms of the Earth, which is definitely not Old Testament, but is pure Zoroastrianism.

The Donation was discredited in the fifteenth century, when literacy was so widespread that the word could spread before, as he expected and said, it could be burned at the stake.

This was just before printing took over. And that in itself, if you THINK about it, can tell you a lot. In the West, literacy was ready for print. Print became powerful in the West because it did not appear in a vacuum and disappear in the same vacuum as it did in the Far East.

  1. #1 by Dave on 03/27/2010 - 12:22 pm


    And it is always this assertion of a jurisdiction that doesn’t exist that tyranny uses to justify itself.

    But the difference is that nonwhite people much more readily go along with it because asking questions about the world is not what they do.

    And if a mantle of authority isn’t available to nonwhites under some Wordist doctrine obviating their need to think, a Jimi Hendrix headdress and a full length mink stole will do.

    If you understand what I just said, you will understand why print didn’t mean to the East what it meant to the West.

    The very same thing is true today regarding the Internet.

  2. #2 by shari on 03/27/2010 - 2:19 pm

    “The Donation was discredited in the fifteenth century ,when literacy so wide spread that the word could spread before,as he expected and said, be burned at the stake.” Is “he” Luther?

  3. #3 by BGLass on 03/27/2010 - 2:42 pm

    Yes, I thought about the Internet as Mr. Whitaker’s clocks in China, also. For awhile, old media kept trying to graft PC onto the web. “New” meant doing “more gay stuff or more for women.” Or they’d showcase Goodwin Lui, Obama’s lifelong Appointee, who’s announcing“blame” (a term with which whites had made peace) is now to become “shared moral responsibility.” paragraph 3-4; This “American” Official from Taiwan, calls himself the “Inheritor” of “America!”— whom whites can join. (Father Pflegar, too, made this Inheritance of “Jacob’s Stolen Birthright” famous recently on msm.) This re-positioning of terms is interesting to watch. (Immigrant-Inheritor, for instance, b/c what could it even mean?).

    Otherwise, on msm, a Jewish commercial during Beck is offering startling new spin, “The Holocaust was a long time ago,” then details Jew’s new sufferings (poverty/Stalin) then begs gentile donations for Passover meals; soon, it will say, “slavery was a long time ago,” and it will show more reasons kind-hearted people should give to whatever.

    This is back to back, with the spots on government-enforced “volunteerism, (as if viewers haven’t paid enough!). Articles even question holocaust education in schools as child abuse! In Tarantino movies, Jews just slaughter, and American ‘urban relocation’ programs are discussed alongside the seemingly identical Palestinian settlement strategies.

    Anyway, NY and DC declared themselves irrelevant to the firstborn, who’d lived elsewhere for years, anyway.

    The world without borders, run by those with proudly “Stolen Inheritances,” involves amnesty for whoever can cadge a way in, vote for the status quo, in return for the “right,” and so on. Now that WHITES ARE DEAD in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, S. Africa, the NY Times is preparing for New Whites. The Blacks want Whites again now, (just not the bad whites like Ian Smith). So much for “We are the World.”

    Despite what Hassids try to teach, (that Jacob didn’t know stealing a birthright was wrong b/c he did so before the Law was given), Jacob DID KNOW: Esau never lifted a hand, yet Jacob obviously feared retribution b/c he fled, (and immediately stole again, now from the only person who was stupid enough to take him in, his cousin Laban).

    I guess they enjoy the internet and are enthralled by it. But they HAVE NO NEED for it. They would say the same couple of Things anywhere.

  4. #4 by Alan B on 03/27/2010 - 11:54 pm

    Bob once wrote, if you can not create a revolution at home you can import it to you shores. Every White nation is forced to accept millions of non White Third World immigrants,to worship multiculturalism and in the mean time, their race,the White race is portrayed as evil. The Al Gores and George Soros of the world want it all, the only thing left to do is turn a majority of Whites, brown. They know race mixing is genocide for whites and that is their goal. When they are brown they will lay down!

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