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Compromising on Nonsense

My reading of history gets me into theological matters, but I have been hesitant to talk about them. But at the same time I had a strong feeling it was important.

Now, over eleven years in, I finally realize what a little THINKING would have made obvious. Nobody has made it clearer than I have that our problem is an Established RELIGION, not a viewpoint from Science or Intellectuality, but a RELIGION.

As I slap Dumb Robert over the head, I realize that a great deal of my practical, MUNDANE knowledge of THEOLOGY is the reason I understand Political Correctness so well. It is also the reason no one who works for our established faith, either as an acolyte or as a respectable conservative, can see reality.

To one who is a part of Political Correctness, PC is the Truth and the Culmination of All Things. In fact, the USE of those words would make its religious nature obvious. So they never apply the religious wording, but they apply the same doctrine every bit as rigidly.

There is a perfect symmetry between using “rubes” and rednecks as labels for those who do not Believe in Political Correctness and calling Unbelievers “heathens” and “pagans,” both words meaning country bumpkins or rednecks.

Herodotus had this attitude long before Christianity. Being an Indo-European, he gave us the earliest remaining — historians now would say “the earliest” factual accounts of ancient sites. But he did it for what we call a Modern historical reason; He was trying to prove that the gods of Greece were descended from the gods of Egypt, not from the gods of the rednecks from the Northern woods.

And, like those who call themselves historians today, he was dead wrong.

Theology is largely an attempt to explain away what is obviously wrong in one’s doctrine. History is largely an attempt to explain away what is wrong with OUR established religion’s dogma.

For a over half a millennium, the two great monotheistic faiths, Roman Christianity and Zoroastrianism, shared the world. Though competitors and often blood enemies, the two empires, Byzantine and Persian, referred to themselves as The Two Eyes of Civilization. Mani, who founded Manichaeism, was trying to unite the two great religions of his day and the Western world in his death’s-head theology.

Today no one would understand Mani’s universalist purpose. He is looked upon as an extremist though he saw himself as a centrist. He saw himself as a center of civilization against the rednecks. That is one thing that no historian who mentions Mani even considers. But Mani was sincerely trying to join the Two Eyes of Civilization against the Pagans, the polytheists, the rednecks.

Many have talked about how ridiculous yesterday’s True Faith preachers look today. The London preachers who denounced Jenner’s vaccination, the top theologians of the Established Church, spring to mind.

But at least those misguided theocrats are REMEMBERED. Who today remembers the respectable conservatives of their time, the Manis who tried to synthesize two piece of nonsense into a single, reasonable, whole pile of rubbish?

At least the doctrines are remembered. The fanatics are remembered because they had the courage to be just plain WRONG.

Those who sought to compromise nonsense are forgotten.