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Compromising on Nonsense

Posted by Bob on March 28th, 2010 under Bob, Coaching Session

My reading of history gets me into theological matters, but I have been hesitant to talk about them. But at the same time I had a strong feeling it was important.

Now, over eleven years in, I finally realize what a little THINKING would have made obvious. Nobody has made it clearer than I have that our problem is an Established RELIGION, not a viewpoint from Science or Intellectuality, but a RELIGION.

As I slap Dumb Robert over the head, I realize that a great deal of my practical, MUNDANE knowledge of THEOLOGY is the reason I understand Political Correctness so well. It is also the reason no one who works for our established faith, either as an acolyte or as a respectable conservative, can see reality.

To one who is a part of Political Correctness, PC is the Truth and the Culmination of All Things. In fact, the USE of those words would make its religious nature obvious. So they never apply the religious wording, but they apply the same doctrine every bit as rigidly.

There is a perfect symmetry between using “rubes” and rednecks as labels for those who do not Believe in Political Correctness and calling Unbelievers “heathens” and “pagans,” both words meaning country bumpkins or rednecks.

Herodotus had this attitude long before Christianity. Being an Indo-European, he gave us the earliest remaining — historians now would say “the earliest” factual accounts of ancient sites. But he did it for what we call a Modern historical reason; He was trying to prove that the gods of Greece were descended from the gods of Egypt, not from the gods of the rednecks from the Northern woods.

And, like those who call themselves historians today, he was dead wrong.

Theology is largely an attempt to explain away what is obviously wrong in one’s doctrine. History is largely an attempt to explain away what is wrong with OUR established religion’s dogma.

For a over half a millennium, the two great monotheistic faiths, Roman Christianity and Zoroastrianism, shared the world. Though competitors and often blood enemies, the two empires, Byzantine and Persian, referred to themselves as The Two Eyes of Civilization. Mani, who founded Manichaeism, was trying to unite the two great religions of his day and the Western world in his death’s-head theology.

Today no one would understand Mani’s universalist purpose. He is looked upon as an extremist though he saw himself as a centrist. He saw himself as a center of civilization against the rednecks. That is one thing that no historian who mentions Mani even considers. But Mani was sincerely trying to join the Two Eyes of Civilization against the Pagans, the polytheists, the rednecks.

Many have talked about how ridiculous yesterday’s True Faith preachers look today. The London preachers who denounced Jenner’s vaccination, the top theologians of the Established Church, spring to mind.

But at least those misguided theocrats are REMEMBERED. Who today remembers the respectable conservatives of their time, the Manis who tried to synthesize two piece of nonsense into a single, reasonable, whole pile of rubbish?

At least the doctrines are remembered. The fanatics are remembered because they had the courage to be just plain WRONG.

Those who sought to compromise nonsense are forgotten.

  1. #1 by shari on 03/28/2010 - 12:01 pm

    A world where sense outweights nonsense, would almost seem like heaven,I think.

  2. #2 by Dave on 03/28/2010 - 12:59 pm

    “My reading of history gets me into theological matters.”

    A challenge we face is to educate those on our side that we are fighting a religion, the Established Religion of Political Correctness.

    I notice in the burgeoning reaction to Obama’s anti-white radicalism, it is precisely this lack of perspective that we are fighting a religion that is tripping people up.

    The key idea to remember is that according to our opponents: “PC is the Truth and the Culmination of All Things.”

    This is sooooo accurate. It gets right to the heart of it.

    It is also what makes our opponents weak. Their BELIEF (fundamental and real) constitutes their vulnerability. It is their Achilles heel.

    It is not what your opponent is lying about that does him in. It is what he truly and genuinely BELIEVES that does him in.

    We are dealing with cultists, pure and simple. We are fighting a cult.

  3. #3 by Dave on 03/28/2010 - 1:24 pm

    What trips everybody up in today’s world is the mixing and matching of semantic domains.

    We have the semantic domain of economics. We have semantic domain of the Bible and the Koran. We have the semantic domain of celebrity pop culture.

    We have semantic domains coming at us from every direction and they all get mixed up and mashed up.

    Ever hear an astronaut attempt to say a prayer?

    He will throw in words from his engineering background, NASA’s corporate culture, current funding politics, jam in some words from the Bible, and it will all come out in some sort preposterous mish mash.

    Then some fool reporter will take it seriously, and the public is supposed to be impressed.

    Jarring, mixed up mashed together semantic domains, (the very language of the MSM) are making us brain dead.

    This is why so many do not perceive Political Correctness to be a religion. Political Correctness is a mish mash of semantic domains.

    See through it! Whether it is John McCain, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, or David Brooks, they are all wearing cleric’s collars!

    These people are stupid. Truly stupid. Just as the praying astronaut is stupid. See them for who they really are.

  4. #4 by backbaygrouch4 on 03/28/2010 - 2:31 pm

    One of the few things Ted Kennedy ever said that made sense was, upon being asked a question about Catholic theology, his answer which was something to the effect that he did not get into the Mumbo-Jumbo side of the Church. It is an acquired taste. Sixteen years of study never made it more than water off a duck’s back for myself.

    But man has a spiritual side and Catholicism/Christianity has served as Western Man’s spiritual pillar for nearly two millennia. For centuries the flickering light of the Irish people was in France which may seem odd. It was not until the French Revolution closed the seminaries educating Catholic priests for the Celts that St. Patrick’s College was established in Maynooth in 1795 to churn out clergy that the flame returned to the Ould Sod. King George III decided that in the looming struggle with the excesses of the Enlightenment Rome could be an ally whatever the Church of England and its puppet Church of Ireland thought. Fake churches were not an invention of cultural Marxists. The template was in place long before the Manifesto.

    Without the church Solidarity likely would have been crushed. It is not an anomaly that the toughest and most persistent resistance to communism is Russia centered around the Uniate Church in Western Ukraine. Both the Orthodox and Protestant church models have proven over time to be less effective in fighting the enemies of our European culture than Rome has. Karol Józef Wojtyła was Rome’s answer to Stalin’s mocking inquiry about the number of divisions the Papacy could muster. In the denouement of the Red Empire the Pope did not need any.

    We are in for a long arduous, slog and retaking the Church, in its various manifestations, Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, etc., is an important task. No part of the institution should be antagonized needlessly. Rough wooing is not out of the question, a la Keith Alexander’s maxim that the only thing a liberal understands is the sound of a closing purse, but the brides must be pursued. The White race has many tribes. It is important to avoid divisiveness in this very touchy area which is so intertwined with our many, longstanding intertribal rivalries.

  5. #5 by shari on 03/28/2010 - 3:53 pm

    Somehow, I don’t think we are in for a long arduous slog in retaking the Church. I think that the churches are in for a scouraging, which is sudden and strong,like a whipping. Then, a long careful building up. But that needn’t be an arduous slog.

  6. #6 by Dave on 03/28/2010 - 5:17 pm


    Real religions get reborn ever so often. They don’t “persist”.

    Think of the enormity of the withering assault America has been under for over 100 years now from Jewish mass media degeneracy. This assault has been stupendous, an outlier in history. Generation after generation of withering propaganda aimed at beating people down and destroying any foundation of decency. Relentless.

    Contrast a good Korean Catholic, in South Korea: Catholicism in Korea has been a heroic bulwark against the Communists. It has preserved a spine of decency for a battered people who have suffered horribly. But the South Koreans never suffered the horrors we Americans have suffered under the Jewish media assault. What we have suffered has been far more grotesque and horrible – an all out unrelenting assault on decency whenever and wherever it braves coming out of hiding and showing itself.

    Consequently, even though I am not a Catholic, I know more about the value of Catholicism than any Korean Catholic could possibly know. My people have suffered and are suffering an assault far worse than any Korean has ever suffered.

    This is how real religions get reborn.

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