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Something Else That’s So True It Isn’t Noticed

Posted by Bob on March 31st, 2010 under Coaching Session

Some years back I visited one of our pro-white gatherings on an island off the SC coast to meet a visiting lady from England who was a newly elected city councilwoman and a WN visiting from the Netherlands. In the course of conversation I talked about the huge number of burglaries in Europe and that most of them are committed, unlike in the US, when the family is at home.

The guy from the Netherlands denied that such burglaries took place. I said I knew about them, but if they didn’t occur where he was, they didn’t.

We went to have barbecue in south Georgia, and during the cookout the Dutchman went to sleep in a hammock. Then he said he slept very well.

In fact, he said, he had slept through two burglaries in his home.

I get this sort of thing all the time. People vigorously deny that something happens and then mention it. My brother tells me this is one of the frustrating things in his medical practice. People will mention what happened during their last coughing fit and he will point out that he asked them if they had coughing fits and they had said no.

I am probably a bit rigorous about this or I would be a very poor interrogator.

I tell people that I used to work in a prison and that the first thing every potential burglar wants to know is, “Is there a gun in there?”

My sister lives in a very high-price neighborhood. She caught the local disease of bragging that they didn’t have dirty old GUNS there. I REMEMBER specifically warning her not to say that, and to discourage her neighbors from bragging about that. She naturally thought I was being Lowah Clahss about the whole gun thing.

The next year two black guys walked in their front door and beat the hell out of her and her husband. They were South Carolina enough to fight back, but not smart enough not to let the world know they had no guns to protect their considerable property.

They’re lucky to have survived.

If you are going to let everybody know you are unarmed, you have to settle for regular burglaries as Europeans are or you have to keep your area all-white. That is as true today as it was when the North had lots of all-white suburbs.

Minorities are “being assimilated“ and guns are spreading in the US and burglary is totally out of control in Europe. I just happen to NOTICE it.

  1. #1 by Dave on 03/31/2010 - 9:47 am

    Here’s what I notice: Most of us are given a great deal that ours to throw to the wind. That what we are given is irreplaceable is beside the point. Vandalism and violence to the irreplaceable is within our power. That we do not recover from the injury is beside the point. It is within our power to throw away the irreplaceable.

    Now the Dutch do not have a monopoly on doing this. But they seemed to be possessed of a particular mentality that is derelict in regard to tossing to the wind of the irreplaceable, specialists in the communally secure throwing away their security as if that were nothing.

    You can throw away the racial purity of your offspring too. But poverty is about what’s missing. Not about what is there.

    And when you are in that space of what is missing and suffering what cannot be replaced, you can take the next step and develop the mentality of a Marine. That is just another step on the road of loss.

    It is always possible to become poorer no matter how poor you are.

    This is a lesson the Catholic Church is learning right now.

    But do not let me pick only on the Dutch and Catholics. (might as well mix up who I pick on)

    Let us pick on ourselves, where just a few days ago a mob of 200,000 illegal invaders showed up to the Capitol in Washington DC to celebrate their depredations on what is not theirs, and the depredations of the US Government whose responsibility it is to protect what belongs to Americans.

    The US Government could not have shown greater contempt for Americans, and the nation it is dedicated to destroying.

    Those invaders should have been answered by 50-caliber Brownings. That would have been just and right.
    But hey, who am I to criticize those that throw away the irreplaceable just because they can?

    My nation can always become poorer. And I can always become poorer. And that is what the fully loaded 32 caliber auto sitting in my nightstand really means: I am poorer.

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