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The Donation

The end of the last article read, “And that could make ‘practicality’ in the new age a totally different thing.”

This has happened before. The development of printing made Luther’s power possible, but it did not occur in a vacuum. Western society invents things it has a need for.

By contrast, the printing press and the mechanical clock in China came on in a vacuum and disappeared in a vacuum. Printing in China, and in Korea which had an alphabetical script and only 24 letters, came and went in the same nothing.

This is why the example of the Donation of Constantine is so critical. Charlemagne’s court invented the Donation of Constantine. This is incomprehensible to accepted history, which sees Charlemagne as trying to get back to the Roman Empire ruled from Rome. Charlemagne had no such interest.

In Charlemagne’s time there was a recognized, legitimate Roman Empire, which had not had a break in its Imperial line since Constantine moved its capitol from Rome to Constantinople. It never occurred to anyone in the actual Roman Empire that moving the capitol constituted the Fall of Rome.

If it did, then the moving of the American capitol from New York to Washington would have been the Fall of America.

In his own time, the Court of Charlemagne had a practical problem. The Pope, probably against his wishes, had made Charlemagne Emperor. The Pope, who was blind and had had his tongue cut out, did not feel safe.

He desperately wanted the Imperial Power to cover the City of Rome.

This was a cosmic challenge, because the Emperor — actually Empress — in Constantinople was not only an Imperial power but a power in the religious area as well. The Emperor Constantine called the Council of Nicaea which defined the Christian Faith, though he himself was not only not a bishop but was unbaptized. He was referred to by all bishops as The Supreme Bishop.

Today the Eastern Church still considers itself a part of the State, a subject of the Emperor.

The Pope had to redefine ALL of that. So he produced a forgery called the Donation of Constantine.

The history I have just explained is justified by the fact that this forgery was supposedly written by the EMPEROR, not by Saint Peter or Paul or any other religious authority. In the Donation, Constantine gave the Church to the Pope.

People KNOW this, but they don’t THINK about it. For centuries the Papacy based its claim to power on being given power by an Emperor. That meant the Emperor had it to give. People never THINK about that, just as they never think about the Temptation of Christ, when Satan offered all the kingdoms of the earth to Jesus.

The latter meant that it is assumed that Satan OWNED the kingdoms of the Earth, which is definitely not Old Testament, but is pure Zoroastrianism.

The Donation was discredited in the fifteenth century, when literacy was so widespread that the word could spread before, as he expected and said, it could be burned at the stake.

This was just before printing took over. And that in itself, if you THINK about it, can tell you a lot. In the West, literacy was ready for print. Print became powerful in the West because it did not appear in a vacuum and disappear in the same vacuum as it did in the Far East.




If the RICO Act were enforced, every bishop of the Catholic Church would be in prison. I say this because you have a simple choice, either every bishop knew about the shifting of pedophile priests from diocese to diocese, or they were ignoramuses about the reality of the Church, and you don’t get your miter in that crowd without being sharp.

If I understand the RICO Act correctly, and as I say I never did anything legal in Washington, if a higher up knows illegal orders are being given and does not report them, he, as part of the organization, is as liable as the one who gives orders.

This is never fully enforced against ANYONE, let alone the church to which over a quarter of Americans belong. As Organized Crime Attorneys have doubtless pointed out thousands of times in and out of court, if RICO were enforced against almost ANY organization the way it is against The Mafia and its relatives, the heads of about every major corporation and every church in America would be behind bars.

As far as my limited legal knowledge goes, that is perfectly true.

So we are in the peculiar position of saying the hiding  of a few findings on nicotine or a few rigged crash-tests or a few bishops causing more pederastry than any single pederast could even imagine has to be OK.

After all, the last two letters of RICO stand for Corrupt Organizations. One could say that organized crime is ALL corrupt, though both the Godfathers died trying to make most of their activities legit. And that, of course, is one of the themes of The Godfather: You think you’re out but they drag you back in.

But this brings up the question, Are you EVER out?

The answer has to be yes. The logic the Church uses for its Pro-Life stance cannot be applied to anything in life, least of all the Church itself. If the Church enforced the same logic it uses on abortion on itself, it would have to disband.

Even if one must say that the Church itself cannot disband, its doctrine declares it eternal despite error, every Catholic organization short of the Church itself could probably be forced to disband by its own pro-Life, no-compromise language.

And by its own pro-pederast actions.

This is has been an exercise in thinking out loud. My Mantra mindset says that there is something fundamentally wrong about banning all medical use of fetal material while at the same time forgetting the giant, life-ruining pederastry, I for one do not find all that excusable.

When slobbering over anti-Semitism became chic, the Pope went to Israel to do his blubbering. But If he has taken any similar action about DECADES of ruining the lives of Catholic boys, I have yet to hear of it.

I think the lesson is one we all know, but which needs to be brought out from time to time. It is the same lesson that is taught by the example of J. Edgar Hoover:

Every FAMOUS moralist, be he a person or a Church, talks unconditional morality and practices BRAZEN selective morality. Today the judge of who becomes a FAMOUS moralist, as the Church must be to get money and maintain power, is the media.

What I have just said is obvious to every adult, but it has not been long since there was no place to say it.

Now there is.

And that could make “practicality” in the new age a totally different thing.



J. Edgar Hoover

I have stayed ahead in daily articles until this bout with flu. The last time I dropped out for a while, BoardAd kept us running with Blasts From the Past, but he became very discouraged because our numbers dropped steeply.

Lots of people say size doesn’t matter.

But the competition between blogs is enormous, and if I am going to give up thinking and just repeat what I thought before, I might as well make money at it as a respectable conservative or get rich on it at the SPLC.

It is interesting how much one can tell about real history from the few times Politically Correctness shows MERCY to those it hates. They hate J. Edgar Hoover because he is seen as an enemy to the advocates of a People’s Peace Loving Democracy McCarthy attacked.

He criticized Saint Martin Luther the King because he kept open Communists as advisers. He even criticized Paul Robeson, whom the New York Times described in his obituary as “a lifetime advocate of human rights and a disciple of Joseph Stalin until his (Robeson‘s) death.”

What the media never mention is the reason why Hoover declared the Mafia to be a myth. It had nothing to do with his homosexuality. If the Mafia had a picture of his making love to his live-in Deputy head of the FBI, FBI experts would have declared it to be a made-up picture.

We are familiar enough with kept “science,” like Climategate, to know about this. We all know that the Genome Project will never say one thing that does not support Political Correctness. And where do did all local police, and even Interpol, send photographs to be verified?

To the FBI in Washington, of course.

So why is the media so uninterested in why Hoover declared that the mafia was scientifically proved to be a myth, just as the Genome Project says race is?

For very simple reason: the FBI wanted to look invincible, and Organized Crime was LOT bigger than the FBI was. So the FBI bought out white trash relatives of Klansmen and made huge progress in crushing a much smaller and more divided foe.

The media don’t want to criticize THAT.

But that was, for Hoover, a diversion. He knew what the media wanted, and the media didn’t care whether Organized Crime died or prospered. It wanted Southern resistance crushed.

Hoover was a master politician. Like Churchill, he did not care what he did to the world so long as he kept power. And unlike Churchill he DID keep power, whereas the world spit Churchill out.

The simple fact is that any attempt to deal with organized crime in Hoover’s time was doomed. So J. Edgar declared it a myth until that disastrous meeting in the mountains made it too obvious to declare mythological any more. But that was in the 50s, I believe.

Hoover was right. He couldn’t deal with Organized Crime. It was not until the passage of the RICO Acts that a crime boss could be charged EFFECTIVELY with crimes committed on his orders. The Warren Court worked desperately hard to defend all criminals, especially the big ones, and you couldn’t get anybody for drugs unless you found drugs ON them, and then it wasn’t easy.

No big man in the Mafia ever had drugs within a football field of him. So it was obvious that all the law enforcement agencies got nothing but small fry, and it didn’t look good. Hoover had been right to defend the Mafia all that time in order to keep his image.

Hoover was also as helpless against the Communists in the US as anyone else. He abandoned McCarthy. He wouldn’t have been surprised to know that practically everyone McCarthy accused turned up in KGB files, but that was not his problem.

Hoover wanted to do things that showed him invincible. Preferably things to media would LIKE. So he did that by buying off white trash.



History Repeats Itself — AGAIN

A commenter told me about a link referring to the excavation of a Caucasoid cemetery some four thousands years old in Tibet.

They did an interesting Politically Correct line about the genetics of Aryan mummies they found. Documentaries now say that though they look white, they have genes found in India, the Middle East, and Siberia as well as Europe. The Hittites were Aryans and the other locations are where Aryans went.

The mummies in China have the genes other Aryans have, so they can’t be Aryan.

So they just LOOKED white. The article on the cemetery dug up with such embarrassing bodies in Tibet leads off with how the genes are found in all these other places though they look as Caucasoid as I do.

This is interesting logic. There are statues of Buddha in Japan by the hundreds. Buddhists point out that Gautama Buddha “had eyes the color of the blue Lotus.” From that, with a little doctoring, we could conclude that Buddha was a blue-eyed Japanese.

Marxism and Political Correctness have exactly the same problem with history that the Renaissance Church had with the Bible. Marxism requires that our accepted everything was invented in the Middle East and is the Property of Mankind history be exact, literal, and detailed Truth in precisely the way that the Church required that Genesis be true, word for word.

When the Medicogenetical Institute of Moscow did a study and found that genetics was critical, Stalin arranged it so that the head of that Institute “confessed his ideological error and was shot.” This incident appeared in Garrett Hardin’s Nature and Man’s Fate and I knew a Member of THE Royal Society, a geneticist, whose Russian friends were all shot, but this incident has been completely erased from the historical records.


Stalin made Lysenko head of Soviet genetics, and people know about that, but no one asks what triggered his appointment. Note that above I did not refer to “The Medieval Church” as the source of the war against science. All the sources do. I do not for a very quaint reason:

It’s not true.

When the age of information slammed into Europe, the Medieval Church could have handled it. Luther himself thought he was criticizing the Church from WITHIN the Church. An absolute despotism of the kind historians refer to as The Medieval Church would not have considered it routine for a priest to nail up points he wanted to debate on his church door.

No TYRANNY allows that. Try nailing the Mantra up on a University bulletin board and keep your tenure as a professor.

We have been treated to Climategate. Anyone who suggested that top experts were conspiring to fix data would have been denounced as paranoid, as McCarthy was. It is almost impossible to find someone McCarthy denounced who was NOT a Communist. Due to the Internet, that fact is so well known that I have not heard the word “McCarthyism” in a decade.

This collapse of one its best verbal weapons has not hurt the Left because it has the right to do what it always does as its part in the play: FORGET it.

CS Lewis told a nun that he did not join Tolkien in the Catholic Church because her church had abandoned the Medieval Church. He did not elaborate, but it is true that the rigid organization after the Council of Trent was arguably as different from the Medieval Church as the Lutherans were.

All this is VERY relevant today, IF we see things as they really are. There is an explosion of knowledge at the grass roots. It is not a new conspiracy, it is a predicable crisis. White people in ancient China is a fact regular history does not make room for, just as the invention of the telescope was.

Since our entire secular theology is as rigidly based on accepted history as Renaissance religion was on the exact words of Scripture and pure forgeries like the Donation of Constantine, the institution must make the facts fit its own survival interests. It will do that partly by suppressing facts. Partly by warping research results, and partly by denying it ever disputed any of the new findings in the first place.

That is a part of history that never changes.




It is important to keep your thoughts disciplined in any discussion. When anyone talks about racism, you must remember to say, “What you mean is, what YOU CHOOSE TO CALL RACISM.”

Some female spouting the standard Hate line got cut to pieces by one of our people simply taking one of my quotes, saying she was just accusing us of being IGNUNT. Another of us buzzed in and made it clear that no one has a right to use insults on us any more than on anyone else.

I got the impression she was a bit shell-shocked as this went on.

You can do this, you can make them ALL feel shell shocked, if you stay disciplined. In the cases where you get a chance to hit back, don’t let anybody attack you as if they were being objective. They are saying that they hate anybody they choose to call a Racist.

That is very different from a racist, and you should remember that.

BoardAd has decided to do the same thing for Comments 3, leave it to you. You are doing a terrific job there. I don’t want to throw in something that might screw it up. But I am reading and really enjoying it.

In fact, the sort of point I just made could have appeared in Comments 3. And it is very important to realize that what is happening in Comments 3 is CRITICAL. I will be dead and frozen at some time, but the fact is, my peak passed years ago.

You must start taking over Now, and you have been. It never occurred to me that our fight, our real fight, our WHOLE fight, would end in my lifetime. If I were worried only about my lifetime, I wouldn’t dedicate my entire life to the preservation of my RACE.

But it is may be hard for you to empathize with how good it feels to have people working on cornering the other side with ruthless, disciplined points the way I have done all my life.

Sic ‘em.

Plot how to sic em. Practice siccing them, and report it in.