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The BUGS Oath

I just wrote an article entitled Inside the Beltway. It will be placed where BoardAd, as editor, decides to put it.

Since Inside the beltway said nothing BUGSers aren’t familiar with, I tried to make it worthwhile by giving an analysis specifically of drug regulation which you might not be familiar with. But that is not the reason I wrote it. I wrote Inside the beltway as an Introduction.

You see, the reason we have front page news about the Tea Parties is because some people are bitching about how the government works exactly as I said in that article. This is a lot like the British public suddenly coming out in mass shouting that there is such a thing as a Parliament.

The so-called Tea Parties are bitching about what every literate person has known since he reached the age of literacy.

You see, the Tea Parties end where the Mantra Thinking begins. They are screaming reality, that the government has no interest in them. Hell, anybody who ever held a policy-level job knows that.

Tea Parties are screaming out a reality. That is the opposite of Mantra Thinking. Mantra Thinking begins with reality.

A BUGS member takes an oath much like that in court: Reality, the whole of reality, and NOTHING BUT reality. I think we are all bemused by this phenomenon. Here huge groups of apparent adults are screaming about reality, protesting reality.

In politics, you look to where the loudest screaming is coming from. As Huey Long said, “The secret of leadership is to figure out where the public is going and get out in front.” The media follows the same rule.

But not BUGS.

They can meet, they can yell, Hell, they can even get violent, but it means nothing to us. Fox news went into predictable mode over the whole thing. Every commentator began to demand that this revolt not get violent, that it stay within the bounds of respectable opposition, which is the institution Fox represents.

To us it makes no difference whether they get violent or not.

We are dedicated to something the establishment fears a lot more than it does violence. But what we demand is as illegal outside the United States as any form of violence. In fact, for Thought Crime there is a minimum sentence. Violence can be negotiated by your counsel.

In the United States a person can demand and organize violence and be forgiven in a few years. David Duke will be Former Klansman David Duke for the rest of his life.

They are arresting militiamen, but militiamen are harmless to the powers that be. Militiamen go out with guns to enforce immigration laws but they denounce the “racism” which is the only reason for there to be immigration laws in the first place.

It is insane to have a law which forces a random sampling of humanity to be on one side of a border while another random sample is kept within that boundary. That is the reality Mantra Thinking begins with.

So long as the Tea Parties refuse to commit Heresy, no matter what they do they are irrelevant.

We begin where the Tea Party stops.



Inside the Beltway

The DEA and the drug companies made sure that when Valium was introduced to replace earlier addictive tranquilizers it was cleared as being nonaddictive.

This is not a Jewish Plot, THIS IS NOT CYNICISM, this the way things work.

The reason all new drugs are nonaddictive is because there is another huge industry dedicated to proving everything big companies do is part of a Plot. If the DEA did not stamp drugs as non addictive at first, we wouldn’t have ANY new ones.

In other words, we begin with the observation that as soon as it becomes big business, Consumer protection becomes an institution. It hires people and becomes a power base.

As soon as anything becomes an institution it becomes predictable. So drugs are the predictable balancing of three institutions: drug makers, the DEA, and the Consumer protection Industry. The DEA and drug companies would not exist if new drugs did not come out, and therefore all drugs have to come out as being so perfect that the Consumer Protection Industry cannot veto them.

There is another industry, the media. That institution wants excitement. There is excitement in the Consumer Protection Industry, which can make so much of any addictive potential in any drug as to make heroin seem like rabbit tobacco.

Notice that there has not been a single mention of law or right or The Public Interest or anything of that sort in this discussion.

And this discussion is complete. I made my living in this environment for many years and everyone who is a professional understands what I have said.

The public has no place in this process for the simple reason that it has no interest in it. The 239 words above will not be read by anyone outside BUGS.

The public has therefore been replaced by another institution, the Consumer Protection Industry.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the world works.

Outside the Consumer protection Industry is a group of people who are interested. But they are unusual, to say the least. Because anyone who is interested in this stuff for nonprofessional reasons is too unusual, they are so rare as to be 1) tiny in number and wholly disorganized and 2) obsessed.

Those few odd people out become obsessed with some knowledge they have gained. They read whole books about the influence of the Rothschilds or the Bilderbergers. Oddly enough, no one takes them seriously

So the public becomes the Consumer Protection Industry.

Now let’s say you make a living in this environment. A constituent calls you on Capitol Hill and points out that something is amiss. You draft a letter asking about it, sign it on the signing machine for your congressman or run it across his desk, and send a copy to said constituent.

Those who are addressed by this standard letter pay it the same attention they pay all standard letters. They work for people who are appointed by people who are elected to balance three groups, the DEA, the drug industry, and the Consumer protection Industry. They send a polite reply, which you forward to the constituent, explaining how interested they are and stating the policy worked out between the three groups that matter.

I have just told you the entire process, and you KNOW that is the entire process. This is not cynicism, this is making a living inside the beltway.

After doing this routine work I go home and watch television. Every person dealing with the public should watch a lot of television, because otherwise he cannot understand the people he deals with.

He sees on TV that the person who wrote that letter is overwhelmingly interested in how well a seven-foot freak can shove a large ball into a net compared to other seven-foot freaks. His only real interest in the news is not his own personal point of view, but where The Middle of the Road is this week.

The Middle of the Road is set by two institutions, liberals and respectable conservatives.

And that, people, is what happens Inside the Beltway.


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