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The PC Pecking Order

I am embarrassed for recently talking about Church sex scandals for a unique reason.

I only discussed them because I thought they were over. Now they have popped up again.

Now I can understand why the Church would be unique in this case. Scandals in institutions popular with the media have the half life of a newly created element. When scientists proving global warming got caught flat-footed making up their data, that was instantly forgotten. When black reporters in New York and Washington had to give back their Pulitzers because they made the stories up, this was forgotten instantly.

The Curia have been good boys for years. On every social issue the Church has gone along with anything the media wanted except abortion, which is the safest possible issue. Abortion takes all the pressure off the real issues, and is safely anti-white.

But the Catholic Church simply cannot do enough to obtain forgiveness where it really counts, our real established religion. The percentage of Catholics who go to confession, even annually, is down to a tiny fraction, but the ones who go to REAL confession on social issues is up toward a hundred percent.

My mistake is perfectly understandable, to even my worst critic, me. After all, the CIA and other security agencies are demons of the media, but no one even asked that anybody in it even be criticized for the errors which allowed 9/11 to happen.

I am honestly mystified that this sex scandal has come back up.

I am also puzzled why the Church has not come out with the Old Standard: “We should be looking to the future, not Assigning Blame for errors of the past.“

Of course, I have also wondered why that one doesn’t come up at every murder trial: “Stop bugging me. I PROMISED I wouldn’t do it again, so why are we spending all this time Assigning Blame for the Past?”

In fact, the only group one is allowed, nay REQUIRED, to Assign Blame for the Past is the white race.

You know, the crowd that doesn’t exist.

The half life for White Guilt is apparently forever. On the other hand, the hundreds of murders and mutilations OF white people by blacks which took place last night and will occur tonight have the half life of Element 120.

But one thing is consistent. Neither of the black reporters who faked the articles that won them the Pulitzers has ever been out of work since. No MAJOR figure in security will ever be even mildly criticized for 9/11, and no one will ever blame a single bishop who knowingly caused more child molestation than any fifty actual molesters could have done.

By contrast to the criminal negligence in the security services, a few priest-pederasts actually went to prison.

In my last book, I provided a list of the Politically Correct Pecking Order. For example, blacks are a minority and militant women are high on the list, too. But what do you do when the male committing Thought Crime is BLACK?

This is an obvious problem but I haven’t seen it discussed for some reason. I get the impression that the media doesn’t WANT it talked about in such brazen terms.

The Catholic Church gets SOME immunity for its dedicated blubbering over arguing with SOME Politically Correct goals in the past. The bishops are as safe as any Mafia capo before the RICO Statutes.

But as for the sex scandal, maybe the media are keeping THAT knife on the shelf for future purposes. But no one did more to make “Hispanic” mean a colored race than the Church did.

This discussion would be very uncomfortable for an anti-white to listen to. It is too matter-of-fact about what should be referred to in very correct jargon and never as a single unit.

Every group has its exact place in the Politically Correct Hierarchy. It makes income tax law look simple. Yet no one has gone into it in detail

And nobody ever will.