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Immigration: Your Brother’s Keeper

The last I head of gun control on cable was a liberal commentator who said that it was just dead for now. He predicted there would be another Columbine and the demand for gun control would come back.

Imagine what happens when we say something like that. The guy saying it was positively salivating, cheering on another mass shooting. But it will be a long cold day in the Bad Place before anyone criticizes him for it.

Respectable conservatives like to say that open borders would be fine if there were no welfare. They show their attitude that only money matters. Any other subject brings them to a slope which may be slippery enough to make them deal with reality.

Respectable conservatives assume that the only cost of a flood of third worlders is welfare. At the same time conservatives always want to compromise with liberals when liberal activists make demands.

A college in Boone County, NC had its first mass shooting ever. The picture of the shooter was not shown. Guess what color he was? The prisons in California and Texas would mostly have to close if there were no blacks or Hispanics there.

One guy who was shot on the Long Island Railway by a black on a rampage with an automatic weapon — even Mace is illegal in New York, had a wife who used that incident to win a congressional seat in COLORADO on a gun control platform.

Millions of people in America make their living in the Activist Industry. Our president never made his living any other way.

The Activist Industry makes it bread by making everything that happens an excuse for pushing a new regulation and a new law and new Community Action. So every time a minority kills somebody or has sex with a minor in his family, it becomes the basis of a demand that EVERYBODY be regulated.

But Milton Friedman said the only problem with immigrants was the cost of welfare. Respectable conservatives agree with him, since they don’t want to talk about living around REAL minorities.

When you have white flight, it is not enough to build buildings for immigrants. They have to be buildings right beside the white flight crowd. The white flighters become interested in controlling guns in the whole area.

And, as the liberal said with drool going down his chin, there will be “incidents.”

Above all, of course, what no one dares to say is that the reason Mexico is poor is because it is populated by MEXICANS. For some odd reason, California, the very place known for its rapid growth for well over a century, has suddenly begun to go backward.

White people can become the kind of Americans people have always wanted to invest in. Clearly this is not happening with third world immigrants.

The Tea Party wants to talk about over regulation and a collapse of Family Values.

This is SILLY. We have to look beyond these mindless yucks.