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Malnutrition and Ethiopia

I just put “starvation today” into Google.

On the first page I got “Ethiopia” and “malnutrition.”

In the Evil White Man’s world, there is no starvation. Last I looked, long ago, Ethiopia’s Marxist government as cutting off food shipments. They have collected enough money for Ethiopia’s starving children to keep the whole country fat.

They never mention the reason children WERE starving. I don’t know how it is today. I still see a photo of the same starving kid I saw ten years ago on the same posters.

Malnutrition is not starvation. If it were, we wouldn’t have any vitamin pills. Malnutrition was the reason so many people in Eastern Europe were fat. They had calories enough o keep them going, but they were always hungry because their body wanted what it was missing.

In fact, it occurs to me that there is probably SOME something that is missing from ALL diets that the body would like to have. That’s why the health nuts HAVE their up-to-date magazines.

But, contrary to what Google says, there is a subtle difference between a Yuppie reading a magazine at a health club and a person who is actually starving. Jane Fonda wouldn’t know that, but it’s true.

Is there any starvation anywhere on Planet Earth today because of a lack of calories, which is the only definition of starvation? The children dying in the streets of North Korea were the last real example I heard of, and the people who took their pictures risked death. A few in the media actually published them, but damned few.

Now that I think of it, there are probably children starving in the People’s Republics of Angola and Mozambique. But none of this has anything to do with lack of food. While the Ethiopia Famine Activist and Anti-Racism Leagues collect all the money for publicized food for children that never actually gets there, there may be a few people who smuggle food into those People Republics, though even I wouldn’t try it in North Korea even second-hand.

As Pope John Paul found out, if you offend the People’s Peace-Loving Republics, they’ll KILL you. Think what happens if you aren’t POPE.

I’ve never seen a single thing on television about any Communist state killing anybody in other countries, until the Communists lost power.

So the world looks a little different if you have actually dealt with the People’s Peace Loving Democratic Republics. It’s like offending the Mafia.

By the way, did you hear that there were anonymous threats on some congressmen?

That really impresses the HELL out of me.