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General Comments III, PLEASE Keep It Up!

Despite the fact that I am an Ancient Philosopher and BoardAd is a snot-nosed kid, we have some things in common. He was the one who expressed to me our feelings about General Comments III:
“I don’t want to say anything there because it might break the flow.”

Yes, if you want to break an old man’s heart, just break the flow. For me, Comments III is a dream come true.

You see, what I always wanted to do was show pro-whites the right attack strategy. Year after year I exposed the soft underbelly of our enemies to the point where it became a standing joke: “How many minutes will it take Whitaker to make a complete loon out of this guy?“

They watched me do it. They ENJOYED watching me do it.

Then they refused to use any of my techniques.

It felt a little like I suppose people do when they have a dream where they are running away from something but they seem to be running in molasses.

It is, literally, a nightmarish feeling.
1) Pro-whites keep saying they want to convince others.

2) I convince others. They see it.

3) Then they ignore me.

I am an egotist, just a little different. It amazed my wife how I could take personal insults and not miss a beat. One reason I loved her was that she showed all the resentment I should have shown: She was entirely on my side.

But she never understood my particular type of ego. I am not that concerned about what people think of ME.

But don’t mess with my IDEAS.

My IDEAS are my life’s work. So when I read Comments III, I see a group of people in a CONSPIRACY to get my stuff out.

I never understood Jehovah. His whole concentration seems to be to have people repeating and praising his name, though, as I have pointed out, Jesus never said anything about Praising God, but only about LOVING God.

But then again, I’m not Jehovah. Reading a group of people who are actually exchanging EXPERIENCES about the Mantra and the thinking I have offered pro-whites for decades is a joy I never thought I would experience.

So keep doing what you’re doing in Comments III. Bob the Praiseworthy LOVES it.

So does the snot-nosed brat.