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Headlines Are A Stopgap

I was reading a fairly editorial piece by Larry Niven, a sci-fi writer. In passing, he said, “…back in the time when we thought people of the future would be almost infinitely wealthy. Most of us can remember THOSE days …”

Today, no one talks about a wealthy future. All wealth is stolen from The Environment. When I point out that there is no starvation on earth any more, it is a voice in total silence. No one notices that at all.

We used to make fun of the Hard Shell Baptists, who insisted they were going to spend Eternity in almost unendurable Joy, but who sat around waiting for it like someone in a dentist’s office where there was no anesthesia.

But the whole basis of humor is a sense of PROPORTION. And today there is no sense of proportion on either side.

One thing noticeable about the Doonesbury comic strip is that everyone in it had the exact same expression on his or her or its face: sadness, bearing it out, in other words the misery all young people are expected to have today. Doonesbury was an expression of perfect Political Correctness, and that is Political Correctness: Things are bad and can only get worse.

PC says that anything you have is a sin.

But not as bad as they SHOULD get.

Has anyone noticed any similarity?

Well only in BUGS can one see any similarity

You see, there are those institutions that depend on a conservative “Christian” constituency and those that depend on a “Progressive” constituency.

If you want to raise money on a “right wing,” “Tea Party” constituency, you can point out that Doonesbury types are a bunch of misery-worshipping sickos. You get money for telling the “Christians” that they AREN’T.

In this society, it is fatal to overestimate intelligence, so I will point out that Doonesbury praises the Wisdom and Progressiveness of people whose only expression is that of misery.

But no sane person will point out that identity.

So I will.

Larry Niven talked about a world we all remember, but which no one dares OPENLY remember. The Tea Party offers the kind of Heaven Hard-Shelled Baptists waited for, with their teeth clinched.

PC offers self-hatred, but as a duty, teeth clinched.

I have talked about the fact that there is no starvation in the white-developed world.

Let’s expand on that. The Aryan-ruled world — PC will agree it was Aryan ruled for blame but not for credit — is history’s only REWARD-BASED society. Other Great Civilizations were based on the whip.

Western Supremacy is not based on requiring bush Africans to ride bicycles and have transistor radios on them.

If anybody wants to wear the weird outfits you see on Africans in the Rosetta Stone, they are welcome to do so. I have spent a LOT of time in Africa, and I have NEVER seen any black wearing those uncomfortable sticks and strings.

They don’t WANT to.

Western Civilization is simply more comfortable, tastier, more fun than the crap PCs worship.

Humans want MORE.

At this moment in history, we are stuck with two groups who argue over what people should feel guilty about. Neither has anything to offer that anybody WANTS.

Just for instance, what if cold fusion were developed? Some Europeans are working on it.

A thousand times the power at a percentage of the cost..

What about the suitcase bomb?

That would make how many white devils can exploit the point of a pen pretty passé.

In short, the headlines are fascinating until something important happens.