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Why China is Again the Seat of Wisdom

If you are doing something wrong that decreases your standard of living down to a third world level, or even down to an even lower third world level, what will happen when you STOP doing that “something?”

Obviously, your growth rate is going to go wild. China is now removing its Marxist planning evaluations and introducing the market system. China is growing very fast, not because it has discovered a new way to Prosperity, but because it is abandoning the silliest economic system this world has ever seen.

The media have ignored Russian economic growth and they have forgotten that Japan conducted an economic miracle that grew it from a prostrate economy that had been barely starving along at its best to the top of the per capita income list in one generation.

No, all the praise is for “Communist China’s economic advances.” Japan is forgotten.

There are some good reasons why this “information” is produced. China has 1.2 billion people who are around 100th in productivity, but it also has a trillion bucks in US currency and the Western media worships China as the last big holdout among the Peace Loving Democratic Republics.

On top of all this is an influence outsiders don’t usually bring up. Communist sources are big news, and one’s access to Chinese information is exactly as much as the Government wants you to have. If you are a reporter whose livelihood or the success in competition with other networks depends entirely on what mood you put their bureaucracy in when they read about your reports, you are going to become their advocate.

There is no countervailing force in our media.

So we are going to get more and more about how a combination of Marxism and a price system has led to the perfect economy which is now growing in China.

So there is a place, a pivotal place, for Mommy Professor it the New Order. The slopping down of the Soviet Empire really scared Mommy Professor and his commentators.

The first to come to the rescue were the respectable conservative commentators. They said the Soviet collapse did not mean that the left had no place. I remember liberal commentators, their Symbots, thanking them for saying that.

No respectable conservative said the whole business of a bunch of self-maximizing self-styled Idealists and Intellectuals who only chose each other running things had been discredited once and for all. Respectable conservatives did not say that any society run by a self-selected bunch of Politically Correct — it IS a Marxist term, and ONLY a Marxist term –Intellectuals would be a disaster in the real world.

No, that would destroy the whole symbioses of left and respectable right without which the respectable right would have to become Motel clerks.