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Lord Nelson

Lord Nelson says, “God bless the American Constitution and the men who wrote it.”

The rule is as old as the hills and always new: No one appreciates freedom like those who are denied it.

Here we are allowed SOME speech and we are allowed to be armed if we know the rules.

These were details back before immigration. Who needed a gun in Britain in 1959?

When I was working in Germany one time, a Lutheran explained to me that Protestant churches in Germany were locked, but Catholic churches were not. I mentioned this to some Hispanic-Americans in Central America, and they said “That’s fine in Germany, but not in the barrios.”

Actually, I doubt it’s so fine in Germany any more. One of the best-guarded secrets in liberal suburbia today is that the crime rate is higher in their European Ideal Society than it is in the US. If it is not as violent, that’s simply because Europeans do not resist.

A repeat minority criminal in Europe has a right to have a gun, just like he does in New York or Ottawa. But if LN has one, his life will be ruined.

Our “violent heritage” pays off.

I know it from prison: No matter what the gun law is you go into a certain number of houses in America when the people are still there, somebody has a gun. Every suburbanite has been trained in the idea that it only takes one gun to kill, so they say even one gun is too much.

Every prisoner has been trained in the idea that it only takes one gun to kill, so one gun is too much.

Fashionable suburbanites, Europeans, cops, and prisoners, they all agree.

A criminal can go into the house of any Hero of WWII or the Falklands and watch the Heroes offer him their preteen daughter to rape if he just won’t HURT Said Hero with his Big Old Smelly, Loud, Illegal GUN.

“I didn’t OFFER my daughter. There was just nothing I could do because of gun laws, and I approve of them. Guns are for when our Leaders and our Queen choose to let us have them.”

Amen and God Bless the Queen!”

Please note that I just put this in plain English. I doubt any suburban Brit would even try to deny it.

I KNOW no trendy American suburbanite would admit it even while worshipping it.

Euro-weenies is the term.