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The Trail of Tears

One item of the endless list of White Man’s Evils is the Trail of Tears. That was when the poor Cherokees were routed off their land suddenly and had to walk to Oklahoma from North Carolina without preparation and died like flies.

I have read the real story a few times and you are welcome to correct me from Google.

The Cherokees elected a Big Chief to deal with Washington who was a large slave-holder with an Indian grandmother whose portrait looks as white as George Washington’s. When the US Government ordered Indians off their land by a set date, the Big Chief told the Indians he would take care of it.

When The Day came, the federal troops routed them out and sent them on their way. The Big Chief, like a modern liberal, yelled and stayed on his plantation.

As the date approached, a lot of whites saw what was happening and collected money for the Indians to have transportation and food for the trip. They gave the money to the lower chiefs and the lower chiefs stole it.

So the people starved and the chiefs took the money and the white race got the blame.

Just think of the Indians as third world poor and you will see this pattern repeated endlessly in this twentieth century. No one caught on to the REAL example of The Trail of Tears and tens of millions died because of it.