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The PC Tree

Here we are in the midst of pollen season. Millions of people are suffering from this unnatural substance in the air. Sorry, it’s a natural substance. I was wondering why the Activist Associations weren’t out in defense of my green-slimed car.

But the Greens Should take a side AGAINST the people taking unnatural action against the unnatural substances being used AGAINST pollen. Thousands of tons of chemicals are being used to destroy the natural effects of pollen and the natural body’s reactions to it.

We have been abusing nature ever since the average human life span was twenty years.

On the Politically Correct Tree, the most evil creature is the white goy male. We go up a step to the white goy female, then up to the nonwhite goy female. It is a tree, not a Scale, and so one can sidestep from a white goy male to a nonwhite goy male and still be going up.

Actually it should be called not a tree but a Root System, since a tree is the smallest at the top. Let’s make it an African upside down tree, with the roots on top. Before the Greatest Generation, it WOULD be considered upside down.

Before the Greatest Generation the top was held by white male gentiles. But the same tree works today, you just flip it.

I say that one has to be a goy to be at the bottom, but that depends entirely on what a Jew decides he is for now. Sometimes they’re whites, sometimes they are the most persecuted minority, not white at all — did you know that Hitler killed Six Million Jews?

Jews are put in whichever spot is the most favorable. They are the only wild card in the PC Tree Game.

Otherwise we should record for history what everybody in our society understands and which is written into our law as sumptuary regulations were in the Middle Ages. Every person looking for work must understand this, just as completely as a person who wanted to keep out of the stocks understood the Medieval pecking order.

We began with a purist complication. Greens routinely use “unnatural,” which means “human,” substances to fight pollen, though precious few greens have to. Their offices in Washington and New York are always air conditioned, and they seldom see any green, much less get exposed to pollen.

Like Marxist theorists, Greens leave actual woods to the peasants, just as no real Battler for the Working Class ever does any WORK.

The PC Tree broadens as it goes down. All humanity is evil. Sweet natural creatures are a step up. The scariest thing that ever happened to me in a life full of scary stuff was finding myself right in the middle of a group of migrating baboons.

They aren’t quite so cute close up. But where is the average Green going to see one outside of a Zoo, and I doubt many of them leave their country clubs and university lounges to go to zoos. Zoos are for The Working Class.

Jane Fonda loves The Working Class but she doesn’t want it in her yard for any reason other than what Scarlett O’Hara wanted HER Georgia darkies out there for.

I guess I had better stop writing before I become cynical.