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Superterrorism and Shooting Looters

I have been concentrating on ideological bias in the media. I did not THINK about anything else.

But writing about the suitcase bomb, another major difficulty occurred to me. They are trying to reeducate and entertain, so anything that is important develops without their noticing it. That is the reason I seem boringly repetitious about certain incidents. I have to remind you of them because, in the midst of all the with-it news, the few important incidents are forgotten.

I must have told you twenty times about the incident when my boss John Ashbrook demanded that looters after a hurricane in Florida be shot. The local newspaper screamed that that was ruthless fanaticism, and was totally overruled by their readers. They took a poll and found that 83% agreed with Ashbrook that looters should be shot on sight.

This is a critical question in the case of super terrorism. A country that can’t shoot looters in a riot can’t deal with a superterrorist incident.

The last I heard on this subject was a documentary which simply said that “Modern society will not accept such summary punishment” as shooting looters on sight. Of course, a rational person knows this has nothing to do with punishment. You don’t kill people for stealing TV sets, you shoot them because they are out of control where one cannot afford for people to be out of control.

Traditionally you shot looters so society could defend itself

The problem is that, like the USSR under Communism, we have no SOCIETY. The documentary naturally speaks in terms of law courts and Political Correctness. In a totally out of control situation, one must depend on SOCIETY to protect itself.

In the Florida incident John was talking about, the secret the press kept was that the only reason any order was restored was because private citizens had guns.

And USED them.

But Government would have punished them if it had had the chance. In a superterrorism situation, safety will be provided illegally or not at all. Those doing the job will realize that once the situation is over, the Government will be coming after them the way it goes after 90-year-old ex-Nazi prison guards.

Once the shooting starts, it is not likely to stop.