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Superterrorism and Society

The Great Plan for dealing with suitcase a-bombs or biological terrorism includes “plans for evacuating big cities.” It calls for the kind of thing they did during Katrina, but on a titanic scale.

The whole city of Chicago runs and gets together under government orders in centers the government has set up. You have the whole black South Side, all the immigrants, and the rest with you.

No white person will be allowed to take a gun in to defend himself. That will be a major priority. But suitcases will go in.

Would any sane white man go in there?

So what would any sane white person be looking for? He will want a place where he knows the other people, a small group.


A society is a place where you do not need Emergency Broadcasts to tell you how to act. By definition, a society is a group that KNOWS how to act.

The planning leaves out another factor. It may be a suitcase bomb AND biological warfare. The spread for these weapons is ENTIRELY different. Trying to get a Politically Correct population of a million crowded together with a biological attack under way would be impossible even if the whites there were all from The Greatest Generation.

A black population in a non-crisis situation today is routinely ruled by the nastiest f***rs around. In a state of total panic, this is not likely to improve.

When he invaded Britain, Caesar pointed out that the Britons could have won easily if they had broken up and kept up sallies against his forces. Instead, he discovered that they fought Robert E. Lee – George Washington style. The US Army can’t handle Baghdad, a routine occupation.

Try to imagine the situation, a situation where the FIRST explosion has gone off AND the FIRST disease is spreading.

If you saw the movie Red Dawn you will remember that it was taken for granted that Europe would just quit. What was left of the small-town society resisted. That is one reason the low-budget movie was so realistic.

But those who saw the movie didn’t THINK about it.