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Random Comments on Survival in Superterrorism

When I go to Libertarian meetings, one thing always occurs to me. I look around the room and try to imagine a group of people who would MORE helpless left in an anarchical situation.

Can you imagine trying to hold a piece of ground when everybody there is dedicated entirely to his own interest?

I don’t think Survivalists would survive Superterrorism because they are not a SOCIETY. Hispanics and blacks will hunt down those White F*****rs With the Food.

In the real world, this whole business of Retiring to a Piece of Ground is another diversion from REAL thought.

The government is not good at protecting citizens, but it is GREAT at taking their guns and driving a settled group away from where they are. But all the groups I hear from assume they will be left where they are, armed.

Yea, right.

You have to have he one thing Libertarianism and Survivalism do NOT emphasize. You need a GROUP. Not only that, it must be a SOCIETY. If you have to FORMULATE rules, I believe that they will not work.

You can’t afford minorities in your midst. But you also can’t afford “Christians.” In a lot less crucial situations than this I have seen “Christians” see how tough things are and suddenly find a quote from the Bible that INSPIRES them to do what a Libertarian would do under the same circumstances, switch sides.

If your morality comes out of a book, ANY book, I don’t want you near me when things get desperate.

The same is true of the various white attempts at communities. They end up with a couple of trailers out in the ass end of nowhere. They are not mentally organized enough to formulate an argument for their race’s SURVIVAL, much less hold what they’ve got.

In fact, we have the same old problem here. How can you have discipline when you don’t have mental discipline? Any discussion of Superterrorism collapses the same way our common front collapses on race, where people become fascinated by their own oratory and anxious to pursue any point the other side makes or show how just plain smart they are.

The documentary on the suitcase bomb went off this way. It had a few relevant facts and then went off into what a TRAGEDY it would be, how some number of people would be killed and burned and how hard it would be for the heroes in costumes to reach them.

They even got off on how the Men From the Afghanistan War were available for such a situation. It is sign of the times that they didn’t get onto the Greatest Generation.

Their only reference to the fact that more bombs may be on the way was that there were plans for evacuating cities.

Yea, right, a hundred New Orleanses at once.

They have a Plan. They have a Book.

I feel SO much better.