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Superterrorism and Shanty Towns

Eric Hoffer lived through the Depression, and he talked about how THOSE Americans got things done. A boss would hire them and give them a job and they would do it.

They built Shanty Towns and DEFENDED them. The Obedient Generation would NEVER build such a town, and a guy with a piece of paper would order them off of it if they did. That was back when Grandma with a shotgun sat on the porch and waited for the developers to tear her house down.

Grandma lost, but nowadays Grandma wouldn’t BE there.

It is typical that Bella Abzug, who dedicated her career to letting repeat rapists back on the street, founded NOW and started screaming about how repeat rapists were victimizing women. It is typical that Hillary wrote “It Takes A Village to Raise A Child” while she dedicated her life to fighting the whole concept of a village or a group of people who naturally do things together.

Hoffer talked about how routine it was that someone would hire a group of men desperate for work and tell them to go prepare a site. He went there a week later and the site was prepared. He was trying to explain what I am trying to explain.

Americans then didn’t need a Chain of Command. They were descendants of people who went out in the country, drove out the Indians, and built farms and villages. They understood each other without a Sergeant marching them around in step.

They would have driven Hillary crazy.

But a society is not only inclusive it is also exclusive. Get rid of the exclusion and you have to agree on a set of Rules. The lesson of the USSR is never discussed because it tried to organize everything on a set of rules and destroyed  Society. When things got tough, it disappeared in a puff of wind.

To fight the Nazis, they had to violate Lenin’s absolute rule against patriotism and call it The Great Patriotic War. They were also blessed with the fact that the Nazis were idiots. If the Nazis had not come in treating them the way Stalin did, the Wehrmacht wouldn’t have had the fight the Red Army at all in the Ukraine. The Ukrainians would have made their country impenetrable to the Russians, and many of the Russians would have done the same thing.

To survive Stalin had to forget his Wordism and depend on what was left of the Society.

That is the position we are in the case of Superterrorism. America before the Obedient Generation would have resisted and organized itself. Much of the 2009 plan rests on THAT America.

The 2009 plan assumes that unloading tens of millions of shrieking minorities and helpless Yuppie whites into the countryside is the same as it was when we still had prejudices and loyalties, the world before Mommy Professor.

When desperation hits, the Government can’t handle it. Society has to take over.

We don’t have one.