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The Respectable Conservative Lynch Mob Strikes Again

National Review ran a special piece on how researchers had discovered that blacks have bad jobs because of discrimination. It said all the factors had been compared, and the only explanation was that blacks were discriminated against.

It would be interesting to compare black income with that of whites with an average IQ of 80. There are no special programs for THEM, so I would guess that they are doing MUCH worse. But the IQ difference is now taboo, and no one is more fanatical to lynch heretics on this than are respectable conservatives.

The Genome Project is the Only True Faith. It says that there is no difference between races except skin color. If “scientists” will skew information on Global Warning, can you imagine what they release on RACE? It took many years of hard struggle to get rid of the absolute declaration by every Mommy Professor that it was proven that all inherited IQs were same.

As I keep saying, to be a forensic crime lab scientist, you routinely have to do two things: 1) Discern the race of a long-dead corpse even as a witness, and 2) Swear on the stand that race does not exist.

Once again I am saying what everybody knows but no one on our side ever says.

The racist bit is so effective even conservatives are being irritated by it, says the “racist” Tea Party.

But none of them ever asks for a definition of “racist.”

No one THINKS. And they are moral cowards.

Like the IQ heretics, the Genome heretics will take many years to appear. They were not conservatives then and they will not be now. What passes for thought on the right can’t reach that high. I’ve lived through this before, and the “modern science has proven all races are the same” is old stuff to me.

The same violence was used against anyone who said there are innate intelligence differences and National Review attacked contrary information, except for an occasional heretic who got through their screen. Then they fell back on it doesn’t matter because we are all the Christ’s Children, after all.

If it didn‘t matter, why did so many of them demand the lynching of heretics on racial IQ in the first place?

The Bell Curve pretty well shot the last of the equal innate IQ crap, so two lines developed to counter it. One said that IQ was meaningless and the other said that IQ was everything.

National Review said that IQ means nothing. We are all Children or all men are created equal said that IQ didn’t matter and because all humanity is one.

The other line argued that some blacks had enormous IQs so the average meant nothing. Mean regression is one consideration here, and so the fact that the only reason IQ differences are important is that it shows that the races DO differ. Proving IQ differences with nurture taken into account, just confirmed that general point.

IQ differences are a sign of SOMETHING important, but no matter what you prove about them, we do not get the full import of what the difference is.

Now the Wilson Quarterly complains that people are ALLOWED to talk about the racial IQ difference. The Bell Curve could not be published today. William Buckley was the only major American opinionist who endorsed Europe and Canada’s Thought Crime laws.

Even liberals are a bit shamed by those laws, so Buckley got major Respectability Points for saying what they wouldn’t say.

That is what respectable conservatives are FOR.