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What Isn’t Said

I have talked about the Politically Correct Pecking Order, white goy males at the top, whites in general next, human beings in general higher on the list than animals. Everyone knows it, everybody USES it, but nobody TALKS about it.

So when anybody is conversing in public, he knows that he must be very careful about non-whites but he can say anything nasty he wants to about whites. We know that but we don’t THINK about it.

In the 1960s what Society called “criminals” were the good guys on the pecking order. So when Attica Prison was seized by the inmates, who were overwhelmingly black, protesters shouted “ATTICA! ATTICA!” because the guards were largely white and those poor babies inside were Victims of Society.

John Lennon was crying for the poor Victims inside.

Now that even leftists have had enough of being hit by professional criminals, this little incident has gone down the Memory Holes.

And, of course, we LET it go down the Memory Hole. Only leftists repeat the history they want to talk about. Attica makes them uncomfortable, so conservative respectables never mention it, and we go along. Most of us in the real opposition spend our time repeating what shows up in the media.

You can’t have a lot of conversations without someone mentioning Hitler. You can find a program about the Fall of the Third Reich regularly. I haven’t seen a picture of Stalin in so long a time I don’t remember the last one. See how many people know what a “kulak” was.

The only “Gulag Survivor” I can remember ever being mentioned in public was Solzhenitsyn. Most people say, “Who?

All evil plots in movies while the Soviet Empire existed were set up by white Americans in coats and ties. The TV series “Hawaii Five-O” did have one really evil Communist villain, but he was Red Chinese back when we saw the Chinese as REALLY bad Communists the US had not yet recognized.

That was an interesting case because it was assumed that the OTHER Communists would have nothing to do with this Bad Guy.

The only people responsible for plots and murders in our media were those who were fanatically AGAINST the People’s Peace-Loving Democratic Republics. I seem to be the only person, including the John Birch Society, who ever NOTICED this.

After Katrina, Popular Mechanics, of all things, had a cover article pointing out that all the tales about Katrina were “myths.” Blacks, they said, behaved like little angels through the whole thing.

It is not that we let this stuff slip through. We don’t have anything for it slip through.