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We Told You So

A law is being passed in Arizona allowing someone to be held if he has no identification. The usual crowd is saying this involves racial profiling.

It does.

No one seems to have noticed that when a police radio describes someone as “a black male” that is racial profiling. The whole purpose of the description is to get policemen looking for black male. You can’t get more exact profiling than that.

To say that when you are looking for illegal aliens in the lower part of Arizona the chances are they will look Mexican is a given. But no conservative respectable, least of all Arizona state, is going to say that.

A university is throwing out a Christian group profiling homosexuals. The group requires that members of the organization subscribe to their beliefs, which include the Biblical disapproval of homosexuality.

Conservatives are yammering about this, but it is exactly what we predicted in the 1950s: Once discrimination is banned, where do you STOP?

The answer is:

You don’t.