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From Progressivism to PC

My nephew-in-law is a computer man who went to college in the late 1970s. He said the awful thing about that time was that young people were told, “It’s all over.”

The future was organizing the resources we have and reducing them so that we would do as little harm to the environment as we could. More recently, our established religion came up with a term for that: carbon count.

Carbon count is a VERY religious term. Man is innately evil. No one can live without a carbon count, precisely in the same way that no human being under our previous established religions could live without sin.

One Calvinist writer said that there were savages who rejoiced at death and mourned at the birth of a child. He said that they were right in the latter case, because that pagan child was born to be damned.

One may hear Christians saying, “Everyone deserves death,” meaning that we all deserve it, and only the intercession of Christ will save us from “”death,”” Notice I put two sets of quotes around that, because that has to be the most blatant use of a code word ever. They mean that everyone deserves Hell, compared to which death would be a mercy beyond comparison.

If you are raised in the Bible Belt the difference leaps out at you when they use that wimpy little “deserve death” bit.

Christianity rose with a preaching of the Gospel. To tell everybody that they deserve eternal agony and despair is not Good News. As Churches became institutions, here was less and less talk of Good News.
And churches that cold afford it filled up with graphic images of Hellish agony.

We have watched Progressivism do precisely the same thing. Early liberals were eugenicists and they looked to a Future of unlimited human progress. Like the early Gospel Christians, they sold Hope. As they became established their doctrine took on the color my niece-in-law suffered under.

The rule is clear enough: Growing faiths teach Hope, established faiths move toward Guilt. The early church was built on Salvation and the high morality the Church claimed. Once the Church got its privileges, the dream of rule by paragons and saints died.

So if they could not claim superior morality, the Church had to fall back on its power over Hell.

This is a conjecture, but in the case of Political Correctness it is far more obvious. Even in my lifetime Communists were claiming that their countries were catching up to the United States in creature comforts. A Workers’ Paradise was literally on the way.

Soviet Science claimed that it would conquer space beginning with Sputnik. All the inventions capitalists had claimed, all the real scientific progress that would lead to a better, more fun life, had actually been invented by Russians.

Few here even know that Progressivism was a Gospel, a Good News that would end all poverty, take us into space, and drive the Evil Ones out of existence.

Now there is no hope whatsoever in progressive or Marxist politics for things to get better for us. Now it is ALL Guilt. Now it is ALL about how we are sinning by wanting too much. Now we are all carbon producers, and our goal is to produce as little sin or carbon until we die.

It is as if, just as Saint Paul picked up the last stages of Zoroastrianism and put it into Christianity, Progressives took the last stages of Christianity and found it very useful for the last stage of their rule as the established religion which has failed.



The War Against Silence

I mentioned the eventual use of fusion power in an article, so BoardAd, as usual, went and looked it up.

I had the impression that they were still in the stage where it took a million watts to produce one watt by fusion, but it turns out that eleven countries are building a practical fusion generator and a lot of other stuff that I got from BoardAd.

I didn’t even know until recently that thermonuclear bombs have no radioactive fallout. It’s the A-Bomb needed to set off the hydrogen bomb that produces the radioactivity. But all the movies I used to see demanding Peace With the Soviet Union always indicated that the bigger the bomb, the more the fallout.

The point is, these were MY impressions. And I am willing to bet they are everybody else’s impressions except for a very tiny minority. So in passing I admit ignorance. But my ignorance is important, because it reflects the impression people in general have.

I have never seen ANYTHING about fusion energy being around the corner, and I am a documentary junkie. I see endless rows of fans generating electricity that are supposedly the Wave of the Future.

What gets to the public is a lot like the great scientists who agreed to bury the facts about global warming. But it seems to me this is getting a lot more blatant than it was just a generation ago.

Racial IQ differences was a hard fight, but compared to today, it was a fair one. We got suppressed, grants taken away, threats, the whole nine yards. At least we thought it was the whole nine yards.

But now it is getting really creepy. There should be a hundred documentaries on fusion energy. If it is being developed at all today it will be out of sight in a few decades. But it is not discussed.

The fact that NOBODY believes blacks and Hispanics will EVER cease to require affirmative action is a given. As I have said before, there not any group of people as totally and deeply convinced of natural white supremacy than you will find at an NAACP Fund Raiser.

But I was reading an article in the Wilson Quarterly which said that “people are even allowed to say in print that different races have different levels of intelligence.”

Meanwhile, the other side has given up. Rushton and Jensen get top billing in psychological journals, The Bell Curve’s brief discussion on race is conclusive of the debate.

This, as I say, is just plain creepy. Fusion produces no pollution, It will end the global planning effort completely. So how do they handle it?


This is not a conspiracy. To use BUGS terminology, it is simply that there is no reason to produce this information.

One cannot counter silence with detailed information. There is no place to PUT the information.

That’s why it’s called Silence.

A normal person cannot fight this. A normal person would be embarrassed to admit he doesn’t even remember the facts BoardAd gave him, much less wow em with his expertise. But I am not trying to wow anybody.

My expertise is politics. My knowledge is what the average person is exposed to. I keep using the Mantra to hammer the first hole to start moving through.

As Horus points out, this is contrary to what movement people, particularly older ones, do. Above all else, they do not want to go into an argument and be shown lacking.

I couldn’t care less.

This is a war of repetition slamming against the Wall of Silence.

You can impress people or you can win.




Doctor Agony

My niece recently died of cancer. Her father, a doctor, was very relieved.

She was the only other convert to Catholicism in the family, though we all left the Methodist Church once it became a political party. She attended the Melkite Church where I was baptized. I called her priest and he was there at her deathbed but what he said gave me the shivers.

He talked about how she was out of her pain now. Her father and her priest were both clearly relieved at that.

Even if they decide not to EXTEND your agony, they are not allowed to ease your death. So they “take you off life support.” That’s OK for a coma, but in many other cases they simply allow a conscious patient to suffocate or worse.

Sweet, huh?

A priest online once told that every extra instant of Life was a blessing, even if you were in the last stages of spinal cancer. Nobody SEES this pro-life mentality in action. it’s a throw-back to pre-anesthetic surgery, except back then you were allowed alcohol.

Like circumcision, this is a routine agony inflicted in every hospital. It is not entirely accidental that it is inflicted on the two most helpless groups in our society, the newborn and the terminally ill.

Pro-life demands that a girl carry a rapist’s child and raise it. A mulatto baby has ruined many a white girl’s life.

It is particularly interesting that the pro-life movement is so CRUEL. But they try to shame abortionists by claiming they are the only ones interested in the helpless babies. But helpless people in agony like my niece, they are interested in not in the slightest.

Nowadays when people go to hear Dr. Kevorkian talk about assisted suicide, they are surprised that MOST of what he talks about is actually why white people should UNITE! The man is on parole, and very few parolees of advanced age talk a lot about the crime they were imprisoned for in public.

But it is of interest to me that the man who saw terminal agony and knew he would eventually go to prison for fighting it is now talking about white racial unity.

The media and his audiences are mystified by both those actions on the part of Dr. Death.

One final question, why is Kevorkian called Doctor Death but not one of the hundred million other doctors is called Doctor Agony?



The Media Bubble 2

I experienced the media bubble personally after the 1980 election. The media did not know anybody who had made the Reagan landslide.

And they were PROUD of it.

They even had ME on National Public Radio at least three times! They admitted freely that they didn’t know anybody in the group that had nominated and elected Reagan, but if you listen as carefully as I do, it was noticeable that they were no at all apologetic about it.

In any other country on earth, it would be considered a bit odd if no one in the media had any contacts in the group that just took over the government by popular vote. But the American media considered itself a world unto itself. You belonged to it because you did NOT belong to the masses.

Reporters who wanted to be “in” referred to American between New York and Los Angeles as “flyover country” even if that is where they worked

ESPECIALLY if that was where they worked. They had to work harder to prove they weren’t hicks.

This is a lot less blatant today, but it was absolutely universal when I was coming up. They made a point of it. As “inner circles” the media people pointed out that they didn’t know anybody in the Reagan ranks to show that they were above all that. Of course big city sophisticates didn’t know those people.

They also made a blatant point of who they DID know. I remember one time during the 1980 convention when they followed a liberal Republican around, someone they knew well, and he bitched constantly about how none of the people he had “worked with all these years” were there.

Well, if you are part of a group that has consistently lost both Houses of Congress for a generation, one might expect even the dumbass Republicans to cut them out, but that was of course never mentioned as a reason.

I got the impression he thought there was a “vast right-wing conspiracy” at work.

And after Reagan got a landslide against a sitting president and led Republicans get to a majority in a House of Congress — the Senate — for the first time since 1952, they kept repeating that “the votes are in the middle of the road.”

Jerry Ford kept repeating that until he died, but he was the original person Lyndon Johnson said couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

Republicans won in 1980 and in 1994. Both times they went what the media called “far right.”

And today you can’t be a professional commentator unless you say, “the votes are in the middle of the road.”

The media are not in business to be right. If you are a member of the media, you have to answer to your own bureaucracy. I can’t remember anyone being punished for being dead wrong, as long as you are dead wrong saying what FITS.

Yes, it sounds like I am repeating what you already know. My problem is that everyone who SAYS the media are out of touch act like it is IN touch.

It is about time we started seeing this advantage as a PRACTICAL reality. It doesn’t do a hell of a lot of good to keep noticing that the other army makes a consistent set of errors unless you take advantage of them.



The Media Bubble is Important to Know About

There is a difference between a legitimate business and a protection racket. Business PRODUCE. Protection rackets DESTROY.

White and Asian immigrants got there by production. Today the average Catholic has a higher income than the average Protestant. Asians made almost no use of the discrimination laws.

The reason blacks and their imitators wear their pants down to their knees is because people in jail aren’t allowed to wear belts. So blacks wear their pants down to show they are like those much-admired Tough Guys who end up behind bars.

You will never find a group of people as unanimously convinced of the innate inferiority of the black race than you will at an NAACP meeting. I am saying this from an understanding of people. No one at that meeting believes that blacks will EVER get anywhere near whites in accomplishment, no matter how they are educated or how many years go by.

If you can’t make it by accomplishment, the only alternative is protection. The civil rights movement didn’t really get going until the riots. The blacks only burned their own section of town, but you could see smoke around the Capitol Building.

The media stopped reporting on riots when they became general. This is confusing today, because those riots scared whites into passing the Voting Rights Act and gave a major boost to the black movement. You would think the media would have been delirious at this sign of black rebellion.

But this was the early sixties, and the media were as out of touch with Americans as they are today. So they simply stopped reporting on riots. They got tens of thousands of letters from white people who could see the smoke from their homes, but it became a Non-Happening.

All three networks suppressed any such news. Finally one anchor said, yes, there were riots, and he listed some of the cities they had occurred in, unreported. But it was certainly no apology. He had that New York City look on his face, irritated that they had demanded this and giving it to them just this once.

Now that we have for over a generation determined that blacks and liberals get what they want from protection, provided either by government punishment or violence, this silence on the part of the media back then seems strange.

But this is an important point: one of the things we have going for us is that the commentators and the experts on public opinion live in a bubble so isolated from reality that people don’t BELIEVE it, least of all the people who keep talking about Genius Conspiracies.

This is a good example.

The reason the media did not report the riots after Watts was because they were afraid of a White Backlash. The media did not realize the nature of the World War II Generation, and thought they were dealing with Americans who were capable of a backlash.

There were programs on TV until the 1960s showing the danger of lynch mobs, though there hadn’t been a lynch mob anywhere since before the Slave Generation took over. Dope dealers in schoolyards and child-killers who would have been lynched by actual Americans were being let go routinely by the courts.

But the media didn’t notice.

Eric Hoffer, who knew America intimately, laughed at the constant liberal saying in the 1960s that Americans were “a violent society.”

He said “Modern America is a bunch of sheep;” he pointed out, “We’re a nation of cowards.”

But the media kept believing in white resistance a generation after the Slave Crowd took over.

They didn’t know.

They hadn’t looked.

They had no one to ask.