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Selective Scandal

When my father went to brick maker conventions, it was understood that ANY discussions of prices was grounds for an antitrust investigation. Adam Smith, the chief originator and advocate of the theory of free enterprise, wrote that any time those in a trade get together, it ends up as a conspiracy against the public.

I have been to conventions where those who held a monopoly of buyers consorted freely with those who produced the product, and I have never heard Mommy Professor give the slightest hint that anything could possibly be going on there.

These were economics conventions. Professors who chose the textbooks and those who wrote the textbooks were all there. This is a gigantic industry, but for some reason it is the one exception to the rule of Follow the Money.

It is breathtaking how much a student has to spend to get the textbooks required for his course, and there are many millions of students. On each campus there is an official campus book store. In any other industry a tenth this size Mommy Professor would be pointing to the deals being made in the background between authors and book stores and at conventions.

It is an ironic tribute to the thorough brainwashing on campus that students hear endless lectures on who anybody dealing in money OFF CAMPUS is cheating his tail off, but no student will EVER think of college textbooks, one of the most restricted products on earth, in this way.

Once again, they hear it, but they don’t THINK.

What is amazing about Selective Scandal is not that it happens, every power group practices it. What is astonishing is how, without specific guidance, every single college graduate is so trained that he never begins to think of any of the out-of-bounds ones.

A great example of this is when I mention that there is scandal and abuse in every place where there is power and money, except one:

The press.

The reaction I get is 1) the person never thought of that, and 2) OF COURSE the press doesn’t print scandal about the press.


With all the powerful multimillion-paid productions on national TV, I never heard a hint of scandal about a single one of them. There are lot more of them than there are members of congress.

But you won’t read about this anywhere but in BUGS.

Well, there is another exception.

There were the two blacks who made up their stories and were exposed because each of them was awarded a Pulitzer and had to give it back. The one at the New York Times has a paper trail of memos discussing what to do about him long before he had to be exposed because of his award.

Then there is good old Mao. On record, even OUR record, Mao killed a lot more people than Hitler did.

But they weren’t Jews. They were just a bunch of Chinks.