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Historians Don’t Know History

We know nothing about the Druids. In fact the one thing everyone agrees on about them is untrue. Nobody has any idea of their rites or their beliefs, but in every book I have read involving Druid priests, they wore robes. The self-proclaimed Druids at Stonehenge in modern England wear robes.

Nobody questions this, After all, priests wear robes.

In our society priests wear robes while we wear regular clothes.

But Celts did not wear robes, they wore pants. So did the Saxons and other Northern peoples. I doubt if one person on BUGS, or anywhere else, can imagine a group known to us as priests doing anything ceremonial without robes.

But then again, who else points out what an embarrassment it is to have fake “Classical” buildings all over Washington that a peasant in classical times would have laughed himself sick over?

For two thousand years historians took Caesar’s word that Druidism was destroyed because it practiced human sacrifice. We are talking about Rome, the city whose main amusement by far was the practice of the kind and gentle arts that took place in the Coliseum.

You know, the guys who nailed people up on crosses so they took two or three days to die? You know, the country that required Caesar not only to defeat the enemy, but to kill a specified tens of thousands of them if he was to celebrate a Triumph?

The most likely reason human sacrifice went out was the same reason it went down in Africa: You could SELL those slaves.

Normally Rome would have bought off the people with status in an occupied society. Apparently they couldn’t do that with the Druids. Had they sold out their considerable influence they would be part of history.

The Druids probably came from the same Indo-European base that resulted in Hinduism in India, and the group of the Iranian intellectuals and priests Zoroaster apparently was part of.

To become a Druid adept — we don’t know if they were called priests — you had to go to seminary for a number of years. Young men from Britain went to France before it was conquered and a while after. When Caesar took Gaul and the Romans massacred them, the young men in Gaul who wanted to belong to their underground faith in Gaul went to British seminaries.

Etruscan was the Latin of Roman society. That is, until Greek supplanted it, it was used in the Roman upper classes for some time after Rome tossed out their Etruscan kings. But no one can read Etruscan because it was allowed to die.

Etruscan was the dominant language of Italy for centuries while Rome grew. It was written, but all we have is a few tomb writings and no Rosetta Stone. The only reason we know that they wrote at all is because of their tombs.

Banned Druidic writing is not preserved. Big surprise.

Therefore it is agreed that Druids were illiterate. There are no Celtic books in Roman libraries. There are also no Etruscan books in Roman libraries.

In the near future, people are going to laugh their asses off at what we call history.