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If You Don’t Trivialize Marriage, You’re a Racist

“YOU marry who YOU are in love with. Nothing else matters.”

I hear PREACHERS saying this, I hear priests saying this.

Tiger Woods would never marry a girl who looked the way his mixed-blood children would look. That is why it comes so often from the pulpit. It is today’s church morality.

They are actually saying that the only thing that counts in marrying is whether or not “Tammy’s in Love.” But nobody seems to notice how ludicrous this bald statement is.

I was picking up my wife at a beauty shop and a woman said, about miscegenation, “Looks don’t matter.” She was in the process of having a beauty treatment my wife couldn’t afford.

I said something like “So what are you doing HERE?” and she never spoke to my wife again.

The Wedding at Cana would not have been blessed by Jesus if the couple had not both been Jews. I have been to interfaith marriages, and the rabbi met the couple in the reception room. I knew a couple that looked long and hard and unsuccessfully for a rabbi in the whole Metropolitan Washington area to marry them.

If a woman marries a man who cannot take care of their children, the “I was in love” excuse is IMMORAL.

People are always puzzling over the collapse of the institution of marriage. But they never think about the hunger for miscegenation has trivialized it.

“You marry who YOU are in love with, Nothing else matters.” The children do not matter. In polls women always say they want good-looking children, but they also say it doesn’t matter what he LOOKS like.

The last time some wisdom was spoken on this subject was by Marilyn Monroe in Gentleman Prefer Blondes. She told the rich father, “No, a girl shouldn’t marry a man just because he is rich.”

“And a man shouldn’t marry a woman just because she’s pretty.”

“But my goodness, it HELPS.”

The song said, “Your Daddy is rich and your mama’s good-lookin’, so hush little baby, don’t you cry.” But the illiterate Mammy would have been to wise to say that all that matters is those two things.

If this requires explanation, I won’t be able to give it to you. To say that a union that bears children should depend entirely on how a man and woman FEEL about each other at the moment is insane.

And if you don’t say it, you’re a racist.