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A commenter with good taste said he or she was getting a lot out of backbaygrouch, (BBG)‘s comments and asked if BBG had a blog a of his own. He does. It is the blog you are reading now.

Take it from me, it would be a lot of work for BBG to set up his own blog. And tiny blogs tend to get tinier. I don’t think anybody but a monomaniacal would want a columnist’s job of writing a new piece each day for free.

This is Dave’S and Simmons’ and Sheri’s blog, too. They do more writing here than most private bloggers do on their own sites.

This group’s comments on the daily article helps, but I get a lot of joy looking at General Comments IV. There we have BUGSers who are actually out there in the field, trying out sites and different approaches.

White Rabbit and Trucker Roy are out there TRYING it, not whining at the rest of us.

White Rabbit, who is out competing for a more general audience, kindly reports to me from time to time. I hope he is not disappointed in my lack of replies, but his reports show that he is going about it in the best way, so what’s to comment on?

White Rabbit is surprised to discover that his site is getting to be “hep” among a lot of young people. I’ve seen that before, as when the conservative movement grew up in the early sixties.

Those responsible for the growth of conservatism brought in young people because they didn’t do the same old bitching about balanced budgets conservative losers repeated endlessly to earn their salaries.

White Rabbit is trying out new approaches, each of them involving a lot of talent and practice. He found that his audience doesn’t grow if he hammers on one issue, so he sticks in Mantra Thinking a lot where he can fit it in.

Which is the way all professional media get their political message across. And it can only be done by practice and experimentation.

After seeing me rail endlessly at News and Jews, WR was almost apologetic in saying that he had found that news sells, so he uses a lot of it. He does that White Rabbit and gets young folks because, his readers say, he delivers hope with his news. His spin on the news gives young people hope and attracts them.

There is no way I will mix WR’s work up with the News and Jews obsessives on SF.

I wear the White Rabbit tee-shirt and act like a proud grandpa, “This is one of MAH granchillen.” The fact that the baby had three other grandparents never comes up, at least in my dialogue.

It is due to my efforts that WE have a blog. So when the commenter asked whether BBG has a blog of his own, it is a compliment to the success of BUGS that he does.

In a team effort, you don’t have to take anything from another team member to feel good about what YOU did to make it possible.