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Our Ancestors Got Jews By Misrepresenting the Bible

In Portnoy’s Complaint about the first thing Portnoy did was explain was how he had been a good man. If he had been a Christian he would have talked about charity or kindliness or love of his fellow man. Being a Jew, all he talked about was what he had done for Jews.

Being brought up in an environment where the very definition of virtue for a 1950s Good Christian was what you as a white did for non-whites, and for a Southerner was to denounce or at least ignore the South or anything else you were loyal to. This was a whole new point of view.

In fact, a major reason Portnoy’s Complaint was such a hit was because it really did sound like a Jew really psychoanalyzing himself. Jews bought it because, warts and all, no one is more interesting to you than yourself, and others read it because it was a startling revelation of real Jewish thought.

This is why the Good Samaritan was such a shock to Jesus’ orthodox Jewish listeners. To them Samaritans were as Jewish as Luther in 1530 was a Christian to the pope.

It is not true that Jews do not forbid usury. They invented the prohibition. But usury was taking interest from other Jews, so they could do it in Christian Europe, whereas Christians were forbidden to charge interest to other Christians or to God’s People.

The Commandment does not forbid lying. It forbids bearing false witness against thy neighbor. This meant other Jews. So Jesus, as He did so often, took upon Himself the power to change the Commandments Himself, as He did when He and His disciples worked on the Sabbath and when He took the gigantic step of reducing the Ten Commandments to two.

Bible literalists love to quote Jesus as saying that He had not come to change a jot or a tittle of the Law and the Prophets so they can put the Old Testament on the same level with the Gospels. They NEVER quote His next statement after He reduced the Commandments to two: “This is the Law and the Prophets.”

Theologians are not always completely straightforward, to coin an understatement. The shortest book in the Bible, the Book of Titus, says to Christians, “If you are a slave, be a good slave.” It also says “If you are a good master, be a good master.”

The idea that Jesus was a social revolutionary in this world is absurd because Jesus, as CS Lewis uncompromisingly says, did not believe that this WAS the real world.

To mention this in church today would give a preacher the same heebie-jeebies that a Marxist would feel if he called the Party Line “orthodoxy,” or a liberal if he called Political Correctness, The Party Line.

Bible Literalists do not ever mention that He was demonstrating that He WAS the fulfillment of the Law and Prophets. He made that so clear when He drove the money changers from the Temple that He was finally arrested and crucified for it. Those people had their place in the Temple by every Jewish authority, because nothing could be in the Temple otherwise.

Jesus finally overruled the Authorities in the Temple itself, the official representatives of the Law and the Prophets.

Anti-whites love to quote Paul when he said that there were no longer any Jews or Greeks and so forth. They say he was advocating their program of getting rid of whitey. But he was also saying that Jews were no more the People of the Book than anybody else.

But we got Jews as a permanent Western population because of these selective quotations. Jews were allowed to settle in Christian countries where any other non-Christians, or the wrong kind of Christians, were burned alive.

Look at the instances I give above. A lot of people talk about Jews, but nobody dares notice why were HAVE them.

In the teeth of Jesus’ overruling the Old Law and becoming its fulfillment, in the teeth of His telling the Jews to their faces that no man comes to the Father but by Him, the People of the Book were taken into our society in huge numbers.

This is what happens when Christianity becomes Wordism